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Iris au lit

January 18, 2005
5 Commentaires
Fraîche comme des glaçons

Iris es fraîche, svelte, sophistiquée.

Sa beauté est subtile, mystérieuse, telle une actrice d’Hollywood des années 1940s, une Lauren Bacall avec son sourire en coin et ses yeux charmants. Nue dans un lit d’hôtel, en une chaude journée à Yalta, la douce lumière de la fenêtre illumine ses cheveux roux et la courte visite de Petter Hegre avec sa caméra est comme la bande-annonce du long métrage que l’on aimerait qu’elle tourne.

Ne manquez ça sous aucun prétexte !

  • Durée d'exécution : 3:42 Minutes
  • Format :
    • SD 480p (17 Mo)
    • SD 360p (9,3 Mo)
    • SD 240p (5,7 Mo)

Commentaires des Membres

great film
Great idea for the film... very exotic nice job
Yet another flawless beauty on this site!!!
This sensual film shows Iris as a sweet supple breasted young woman. Full of desire and passion as she sprawls her slender, nude body across an inviting bed. I'm sure every straight man would like to be in the same bed with this gorgeous young woman. I know I would. I would caress every detail of her flawless body until the sunrise and then some. Petter you've done it again! You have used your remarkable taste in beauty and found yet another starlet. This website truly is the best in the world!
Immagination makes me fly
Imagination makes me flying around while I see such a beauty. I see this film and everything around me seems to disappear, I am inside another life, togheter with her. This film becomes me playing with the camera with my love while she seduces me in a funny and exciting game. And everything all around me looses it's importance, because my life becomes that few seconds that lasts the touching of her lips with my finger and the waiting for the next beautiful smile. Suddenly the film ends and I'm hardly taken back to my real life, with thousands of things to do and carrying just dreams who maybe will never realize. But it makes me feel better because this never turns me off the hope some day to meet an angel like her and to really live such magic moments. Thanks Hegre for making me dream with my eyes open bringing such a beautyness in front of them.
Iris is very beautiful model and very different from another girl..
well some real waxing on iris's beauty what more can i say? ditto and hey more