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Tatiane - Brazilian Teaser

August 7, 2004
First Look

The thing about Tatiane is that she radiates such joy, such youthful energy and drive, such pure unadulterated pleasure. Watching Tatiane smoke a cigarette is a pretty sexy affair.

Watching this wild child strutting, posing and acting out her fantasies naked in Tatiane – Brazilian Teaser will make you want to chuck your job and take up exploring, book a flight to Rio – at least take up smoking.

It's true, Tatiane's a tease, but sit back and let her transport you to the jungle heat of your own hidden Brazil.

  • Runtime: 3:11 Minutes
  • Format:
    • SD 300p (14 MB)
    • SD 240p (5 MB)

Members' Comments

Tatiane - Brazil teaser
Informal, whimsical, delightful -- and very sexy!
Smoking fetish here?
I don't find smoking all that sexy. Sure when Alyssa Milano went vampire on Embrace of the Vampire, she made it look good. But thats the only time. I'm not saying it should be banned. Like say some people in the MPAA in America would like to do with movies. But some sort of restraint maybe. But then again, I'm not one for viewing models in sunglasses either. I must see the model's entire face. I can't take the body without the head. Which is where Tatiane Luba and any other model here smashes anybody like Pam Andersen into tiny pieces of Cinder blocks.
the best
Tatiana , you are the best . hope to see more of you here...

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