Vika Rose à souhait

May 15, 2004
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Retour dans le futur

La lumière a une couleur de coucher de soleil rose.

Nous nous trouvons dans des ruines désolées quelque part au fin fond de la campagne portugaise. Les briques défraîchies et la poussière grise d’une embrasure de porte cassée forment le décor pour le film de Vika, une biche capturée, brillante et bronzée couleur miel, dotée d’une peau raffinée et grouillante de vie, entourée d’une une atmosphère chaleureuse où l’obscurité approche.

Bien plus qu’un simple film, Vika vous offre un bout d’éternité sur un plateau.

  • Durée d'exécution : 3:02 Minutes
  • Format :
    • SD 576p (29 Mo)
    • SD 480p (14 Mo)
    • SD 360p (7,7 Mo)

Commentaires des Membres

did he say "a 5" ?!?!?
note to papafarang: You can't slice and dice a woman's body like it was a chicken, you idiot! Vika's ass is a perfect Vika-ass. No other would possibly look right on her. She is of one piece. Each blends and meshes with the other to produce an unworldly beautifull human being. Your comments were more than a little insulting.
Joined Archives just for Vika. Worth EVERY penny. Thanx Petter, THANX Vika.
Vika = Perfection
Vika is the perfection of beauty. The hottest, sexiest woman I have ever seen in all my travels throughout the world. Absolutely stunning. I joined the archives just to see more of Vika. Someone please tell me she is single...
Bella Vika
Un viso bellissimo; un fascino ambiguo!
A Sweetie, But ...
... her best parts (face, breasts and legs) - and they were fine, all right - seemed to take second fiddle to an ass that rated little higher than a 5 on a 10pt scale. However, overall her full body was sleek, well proportioned and sensuous but the clip ran out just as I was getting into her wonderful thin, yet highly curvaceous, form. She had a fab pair of legs yet they were always cut off in the clip, except during the clothed scenes. Recommendation - when the face is a 9, it deserves a min play of 18 uninterrupted seconds, when the breasts are 10, they deserve no less than 20 sec, etc., etc (2x the rating if 8 or above). And this means consecutive seconds of close ups. Make our mouths water, make us so envious of you, Petter, we want to drive off the ends of the earth.
Yes..He did say "a 5" ??
I will have to concur with barsboon. papafarang is an idiot! His comments are very insulting! If you can't say something nice...insult a lovely lady? Nice job papafarang! Scott
Vika's definitely the most beautiful model you have Peter. Perhaps even one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen. I think, I would eat from her ass. Vikas ass is an 11 point ass and I think I could become a cannibal and eat from it! Congratulation Vika !