Alya and Valerie Behind the Scenes

July 2, 2013
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Business with pleasure

Alya and Valerie are experts at mixing the two. They know how to mingle perfectly.

First they have a girls-together warm up session. Naturally they soon move on to a much closer relationship. There are no limits to what they can do with each other. Hands and feet combine to find fresh ways to caress. All the while Alya continues to shoot more pictures.

Are they for our pleasure? Or are they for her own? Business or pleasure? It’s impossible to tell the difference.

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At last! My first glimpse of Alya's beauty was around 10 years ago in a gallery named ETHNOS, and I was immediately struck in the most positive way by that slender loveliness. Further investigations over the intervening years have been most fruitful and productive until early March 2017 which is as this post is being typed,and my last few hours until the Hegre sub expires. An amazing month indeed,and so many downloads to view over the coming months and years. The number of times Alya has lit up my world has gone beyond counting,and I especially love the duo sets with her delightfully lovely girlfriends. The adorable Valerie is the most recent,and a real dazzler from a few years back with Anna S is a treasure of exquisite quality,with the two babes being mirror images of the truly wonderful. Although there has been little time for viewing in the past month due to the usual busy busy,a few minutes today provided a view of the opening sequences of this,and how charming and elegant in her expressions Alya is.After viewing silent galleries and one only movie (Winged) time and time again, every time wishing there were more,my hopes have been realised in the most unexpected way,in that Alya is talking.One of my favorite heroine superdarlings being herself and speaking to her lovely friend.How lucky is that? A topless Alya and a naked Valerie having a cosy chat. What follows is obviously even more interesting,and I'll get to that very soon.And the complete viewing of it will have me dancing on the Moon. As the evening goes on,and little time left before expiry,the final say must go to one of the wisest men of the East,Sri Aurobindo, who had this to say about girls... THE DIVINE FEMININE ''Vivid and sweet and wonderful With her deep secret of beauty,harmony and fine rhythm Her subtle and intricate opulence, Her compelling ,enchanting and captivating grace.'' He knew what he was talking about. And after many years in and out of nude art sites,so do I. Thank you ladies for a best of the best here,and may you be as happy as you are beautiful, And also to Petter are my thanks given for making this happen. Well done that man!
I am not sure The Eames had this in mind....or perhaps they did. Very stylish
Two lithe beauties
Aren't they gorgeous together!
at 9:55 Alayas - heartbeat is visible again... , want more slim models where i seen there hearts beating between there ribs...
Whata personality!
Both lovely ladies. Not sure what I had with you, Alya: from the very first sessions with you & Petter some time ago.... Now that you start to move and talk, you appear to be a very kind and beautiful personality entertaining the little shyish Valerie. On top, you produce lovely pictures as if made by PH!!
Both of them
Beautiful, ravishing, stunning - and funny! The two girls are very beautiful indeed - and unlike some I don't mind the intervention of the still shots, at all. This is a surprisingly good turn-on, in fact; it would have been perhaps better of the girls had swopped cameras halfway through? But no criticism offered - lovely to see them both relaxing and having fun.
Great girls!
Excellent idea! This shows that the girls are more than just models. Although it seems to me, Valerie takes things so seriously that she's a model almost 24 hours a day. Any way, I love these sexy young ladies, and I'm liking the super-skinny and super-sweet Alya more every time I see her!
Alya is beautiful. I wonder how she can hold the camera - it looks like it weighs as much as she does!
This is the best clip ever of Valerie. She is pure class. Pure erotocism at it's best.
Now this kind of content is the reason I joined in the first place. We haven't seen this since Luba and Inna. Let's please have more like this.
Alya & Valerie
The video quite literally took my breath away. Valerie is stunning.
>>>I love to hear your models talk and laugh and be themselves in between two poses<<< Yes! This shooting is the best I've ever seen! I love to be real(!) backstage and to hear the modells and the photograpers talking.
that is what I call lifestyle!
let the girls do the work, just mount your videocam and wait what is going to happen. I'd like to earn my money like that, too. Yet it could be even easier: Give us the raw footage. I know, the art is in the cutting and composition. But, frankly, I don't care: what I see in this video is a piece of reality and personality. I get a glimpse of their true nature, and that would work even better without the cutting. I love to hear your models talk and laugh and be themselves in between two poses. I could have hours of raw footage of them.
potential to become a full length movie
Petter, this can become a great full length two hour movie, with the episodes added together.
looks like this is just the beginning of shooting.
Breaks it up
Nice movie when they are on the move but IMO it breaks it up too much when the still shots are inserted.
RE: Breaks it up
The idea is to see Valerie through Alya’s eyes. What about those great pussy shots with Valerie real close up to her?
Nice work my man
This video is sooo hot
Happy in her work
It is good to see someone who is as happy in her work as Alya. She has a great way of getting her subject to relax.
Smile more
There is no denying that Valerie has a beautiful figure but it would be good if she smiled more. When she does it transforms her and makes the scene so much better.
Her feet
The things that Alya does with her feet to Valerie are wonderful. Please let us see much more of that.
Totally loved this video , really nice experience , makes you feel like you are inside that room :) . Congrats to Alya and Valerie , and the behind the scenes camera man !!
AWESOME!!! so nice to hear these ladies speak a bit! kinda ironic that the photog was the one in heals through most of that!lol
Alya and Valerie
Excellent shoot. Very sensual at times.