January 8, 2013
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Grâce impressionnante

Pouvez-vous vous améliorer dans la perfection ? C'est ce que ces quatre femmes ont l'intention de faire. Coxy, Flora, Thea et Zaika se rassemblent pour affiner leurs ravissants corps.

Le lieu est idyllique pour des déesses comme elles. Leurs mouvements coulent de source. L'aise et la grâce viennent d'un long dévouement, celui de rester en parfaite condition physique. C'est fascinant à voir. Chaque mouvement accentue l'aspect de leur beauté féminine.

Ces exercises physiques vous couperont le souffle.

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Commentaires des Membres

I’m just going to say it. This is so fucking sexy. The girls in this vid especially flora have made me cum countless times.
For me, that says it all!
Great video but many missed opportunities for close up butt and pussy shots.
No men allowed
Erotic videos of nude women should Never have men in them, what a turn off..
RE: No men allowed
omg he's not even naked big deal. Try being a gay customer on this site, at least this site is full of women. Only some male scences, and no male/male :(
funny to imagine
thanks for the workout scene! these girls probably have the urge to work out daily. why not add a new tab: Workout Videos ( and give us another video every few days to enjoy. besides, the ladies look like they need more strength and flexibility training and if you watch videos of yourself it improves body awareness. it seems only flora has body awareness among the 4 females.
I think all of these ladies deserve a nice massage after that workout! (and, thanks to Mr Instructor for keeping your britches on!)
Public Service Annoucement for Zaika Butt Fans
Attention all Zaika Butt Fans: best viewing of Zaika's butt in this film is from 3:12 to 3:50, doing squatts, and from 620 to 818, standing, bending and then kneeling. Most revealing views from 6:53-7:05 and 7:42-7:48. Brought to you as a Public Service from the Zaika Butt Fan Association (ZBFA)
RE: Public Service Annoucement for Zaika Butt Fans
Thanks Roger!
More close ups
OK but I think there must have been plenty of chances to get more of the close up shots that are there at the end, though imho there are not enough of them.
RE: More close ups
Remember the saying “Variety is the spice of life”? Just watch it for what it is. Beautiful women.
Film of the Week, 8th January 2013
Shouldn't the male model be 'dressed' like the females?. We see male genitals in other films and massages at Hegre, so why not this time?. It looks like sexual discrimination. I am not 'gay'. I just believe in sexual equality.
Speaks for itself
It’s good to see a movie which lets the girls’ beauty speak for itself without trying over-hard with the setting or the action.
Like the pace. It is slow and easy and I have played it in the background to relax to.
This whole movie is a real pleasure to watch. Every time at the gym I am thinking what the babes there would like doing their thing nude. This movie takes me there.