Coxy columpio en la playa

November 27, 2012
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Columpiándose libremente

Viaje a una isla tropical. Tener un día relajado en la playa. Sólo ser hermosa. Esa es Coxy.

El escenario es exótico. Con el cabello rubio y la piel lechosa para armonizar con la blanca arena, ella encaja perfectamente en este paraíso tropical. Las aguas azules acarician sensualmente sus muslos. Su estimulación la incita a buscar distracciones.

El columpio libera su naturaleza divertida. Entonces es tiempo de retirarse a su simple cabina para soñar los deseos que se han despertado en ella.

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Comentarios de los Miembros

I'd love to see a film of Coxy where she spreads, or is massaged to climax or tantrically, by Fabi or Mike.
Coxy, quina meravella
Coxy té el cos més diví que he vist a la meva vida. I de la cara ja no dic res. Preciosa
Yvette from Canada
Re Yvette from Canada........ You already are like Coxy self belief will bring out your glorious natural beauty and gifts.
You are a stunning woman!!
Vraiment magnifique et ravissant
Coxy's body is amazing, what a beautiful work of art! She is fabulous! What a great ass she has, I love the camera following that wonderful ass!
Coxy beach swing
fantastic girl! But her is too much alone i will prefere her stay near at black man in love meeting.
Perfect face and body
As it is 7 degrees F. here this morning, this shot is very appealing for it's beauty. Looks like a beach on Northern Bali I was on a few years ago. What a beautiful woman and a sensual natural session. I could look at Coxy's face all day and her body is perfectly proportioned for my taste. I love all her sessions.
Lovely!!! gorgeous!!! amazing!!! just...WOW!!! It's nice to see some real ART back on!
Yessssss.... I love this kind of shots from Peter. It is the most beautiful dream - just to wake up in the morning and do something like this... wow!!!!!!!!!! superb! :o))))
RE: More sexy bits
I agree with Raoul on this. I wanted the same thing especially when she was swinging high up.
More sexy bits
You are a beautiful girl Coxy and I lke to look at you so much. But please can I see more of your sexy bits?
RE: RE: More sexy bits
But guys that is what erotica is all about. Sometimes the “sexy bits” you keep on about do stay hidden and that can be arousing too. What’s wrong with a bit of teasing once in a while?
RE: RE: RE: More sexy bits
every "bit" of coxy is sexy!!! not just her pussy!!!
Be like you
I love your movies Coxy. I want you to know that I am trying to be like you and that’s why I watch all you do.
I’m gonna use this movie to get me through the winter. This is everything I dream of when I plan a vacation.