Mirabell resbalando y deslizando

June 26, 2012
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Aceite encendido

Mirabell está de humor pensativo. Y hay una cosa en la que piensa siempre antes que nada.

Cuando su amante no está, siempre hay otro exquisito cuerpo para hacer el amor. Es el suyo. Ella sabe en detalle cómo excitarse. Lo que necesita es mucho aceite. Cuando está totalmente cubierta, cada parte de ella está brillante y resbalosa. Ahora puede explorarse a sí misma.

Ella se deleita en la sensación de sus dedos pasando por sus pezones y entre sus muslos. Cada roce es para saborearse.

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Comentarios de los Miembros

Hegre has honed the art of almost delivering
Beautiful (of course; all Hegre's films are beautiful;) but in this case I thought the editing too bleak, the shots too shot. One simply wanted to see some of them at leisure.
O...M...G!!!! nuff sed!!!
compact is good
Despite some critics, I prefer a short film like this. Mirabel is a very beautiful spicy girl , and a good camera work too, who shows some pussy , but not too much ( which leaves imagination for us viewers). Well done .
RE: compact is good
Seconded! A video should speak to me and I should able to hear what it is saying. And this lady says it all. Outstanding performance!
I was expecting something a little more explicit. Like longer shots on M's vagina (w/ lips spread preferably) and her masturbating, and also her anus (also spread preferably). But it's still nice. And the background music's beautiful. So thank you! <mmuah> to M! ;-)
I was hoping for something a little more explicit. Like longer shots of M's vagina (w/ lips spread open preferably) and her masturbating, and also her anus (also spread open preferably). But it was still very nice. And the background music was beautiful. Than you! <mmmuah> for you, M. ;-)
You are wonderful
Did anyone else see that bit about 4 minutes in when she touches her pussy then rubs her fingers across her mouth? Mirabell - you are wonderful.
More time
This is one movie that should have been much longer. Mirabell all oily and touching herself is a theme that deserves much more time.
Re: More time
You are right about that. I was disappointed that this was one of the shorter movies. I think we should have a sequel soon picking up where this one left off.
Pussy lips
I keep on replaying those shots of her where her pussy lips are spread out against table. That is fantastic to watch.
Her look
Thank you for this beautiful film. I admire Mirabell and it is her look and her style that I am trying for.