Maya Autoerotisme

April 17, 2012
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Self service

Maya est inépuisable. Elle a le sentiment qu'il y a quelque chose dont elle a besoin pour être rassasiée.

Elle sort de son rêve alléchant. Elle brûle de désir pour quelqu'un avec qui partager la chaleur de son lit. A présent elle sait ce dont elle a besoin. Elle s'étire et sent son sang chaud se ruer en elle. Ce qui lui donne la sensation familière de luxure. Avidement elle cherche le soulagement de cette tention oppressante.

Maya connait chaque détail de son corps. Ce ne sera pas long avant que la jouissance attendue s'empare d'elle.

  • Durée d'exécution : 9:03 Minutes
  • Format :
    • Full HD 1080p (112 Mo)
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Commentaires des Membres

Maya need for Mike relief
Maya is restless and thinking about Mike and what he will sooth her burning desires.
Her ability to completely ignore the cameras and show us something obviously very intimate and personal, is a gift. This is a special behind the scenes video.
didnt notice a fly...guess I was distracted(cant imagine why)
I liked it. Reminds me of how my ex used to make herself cum just using a pillow or blanket. I don't mind the music but I'd prefer non at all...
Not my favorite
Hmm. Pretty girl, but this wasn't my favorite video. The fly buzzing around is distracting, the music takes a weird turn, and she seems more in love with the blanket, than herself. C+.
gorgeous. but wow, please do not use that music again.
Better close that window. There's a fly in the ointment.
MmmmmmMaya in Motion!
I've had to wait a long time to see this lady in moving pictures, but it was so totally worth it. Exactly like I thought she would be, she's the kind of girl who just can't sit still. Tossing and turning in her bed, she gives a hot insight into the exquisite realm of auto-eroticism indeed. I can practically see the fire smouldering behind her closed eyelids. Those sensual lips. Her body-language as desire takes her over. Maya, you're fantastic! Pictures or movies, I want to see more of you. All of you! Applause!
It is the way she feels herself inside her panties that gets to me. What a great start to the movie.
RE: Panties
This is awesome, and I want to see more of Maya.
Covered up
Maya is so beautiful in her white sheets but I think that we do not see enough of her body. She is covered up too much.
I love watching girls masturbate themselves like her. What about a film of two of them doing at the same time? Hell. why not three? Anyone with me on this?
Re: Watching
I will definitely vote for that.
Like me
Maya is the girl that I would like to be. That’s why I watch all the movies of hers. She moves just like me too.