Valerie Shower and Shave

March 6, 2012
Smooth sensation

Valerie pays homage to her body. She lets us join her while she is doing it.

The scene is idyllic. A beautiful girl stands revealed under her outdoor shower. She is glistening nude. It seems nothing can improve on the thrill of the scene. Then she starts the intimate moves of shaving herself. The real excitement begins.

Deftly she moves the razor over her delicate and intimate folds. It’s a heart-stopping scene. She touches everywhere as she satisfies her quest for perfection.

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Members' Comments

Valerie's shower
Magnificent erotica...I so enjoy watching the "everyday tasks" being performed by a woman in the nude...the great setting for Valerie's shower is a work of art (as is most of Hegre's work). Bravo. Thank you Valerie for allowing us to view a sensual shave and soapy shower.
The hottest
...nipples on this site. Gorgeous.
shaved or unshaved--pussy is pussy and it's the greatest thing since popcirn. as for me, i love a full bush, but i've never had a bad experience with a bald on either. i just wonder, how many "un-cut" men out there demand a shaved pussy. they claim that the shaver is less likely to contact or transmit disease, well, the same can be said for the man. some of us didn't have a say in the "clipping." we have to live with it. so bottom line---everyone has their own preference, but thay don't have the right to force others to do things their way.
(and Petter) for making my dream come true!!!
Valerie !!
Valerie is perfection. There is not a molecule on her body that is in the wrong spot. Absolutely breath taking !! Valerie, if you ever need help while shaving, Just let me know. I'll be there !! I will take great care while helping you with those 'hard to reach' places. (a guy can fantasize can't he ?)
Shaving Perfection
Valerie's every move is graceful, enticing, erotic as can be. She is, without question, one of the most beautiful and exciting women on this site. Her smooth, shaven perfection has always been one of her feature attractions, and now we know how she gets it that way.
I totally agree with DEAN. Why this obsessive theme of body hair/fur removal??? WHY?! For once, it would be nice if would celebrate THE BEAUTY AND SEXINESS OF PUBIC HAIR/FUR ON A WOMAN. After all, it is a beautiful and natural thing.
I don’t get it with all this shaving. Real women have hair. Accept it and stop this pretence that they are only attractive when they have none at all below the neck.
RE: Pretence
Is a woman ^less real' because she chooses to shave her pubic area?. Most women shave their legs and armpits, why not elsewhere?. It's just a matter of personal choice. I don't know how sexually active the model is, but shaving the pubes is known to prevent the transmission of diease. I would also say that it's probably more enjoyable for her partner if oral sex is involved. Who wants to get stray hairs into his/her mouth at any time, let alone in such a situation?.
RE: Pretence
OK so, why don't we just have all the models let their leg and arm pit hair grow out too?! That would be attractive, wouldn't it??!!! Sorry but, I don't like body hair on a women!! I like soft, smooth supple skin all over a woman's body! If I want to feel her hair, I'll caress her head! And, just for the record, there are plenty of women on this site that have plenty of pubic hair. Those are the ones I skip over quickly!
Something new
Valerie you never stop amazing me. There’s always something new to find out about you. Watching you like this makes my day
This film is a pleasure to watch for the colours and light on their own. The setting is superb and the way the light glitters on the water. And then there’s Valerie as well.
Shaves her ass
I think when she shaves her ass that is the most erotic thing I have seen ever like at about 9:30 and 10:10.
Be careful
You got me all nervous there Valerie when you drew the razor so close to your clit. Please be careful. We don’t want to lose any of you.