Monroe am Fenster

September 20, 2011
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Kannst Du Monroe ansehen ohne Dir die Augen zu verblitzen? Versuch es, aber paß auf. Sie funkelt förmlich.

Ihre langes blondes Haar schimmert im Licht und scheint so hell wie die Sonne.
Gleich von Anfang an reißt sie alle Aufmerksamkeit an sich mit ihrer strahlenden Schönheit. Die Heiterkeit steigert sich mit dem eingängigen Rhythmus der Musik, dessen Beat wie ein erregtes Herz schlägt. Wenn sie sich über die Fensterbank beugt oder niederhockt um zu springen, ist sie einfach großartig.

Dies ist ein Stern, der am Tag scheint. Schau sie an.

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Delightful girl. Young, sexy, beautiful body, lovely tits and nipples. So nicely erotic to watch as she poses naked. I would love to watch her masturbate.
Why no closeups of her pussy and ass? Just a tease
The backlight brings up the biggest subject ever. I much prefer it when I sense a woman is expressing herself. When art takes priority above the person, then it fails. I'm not seeing Monroe speak for herself through her movement. This is all directed and contrived. Of course its beautiful, but it doesn't inspire me. Monroe is a full person, and I want to see that.
more films
Monroe!, pls have more films!
Just beautiful
She is just beautiful
I do not like back lighting.You cannot see the model. Why camera men keep using it I will never understand. So why pay a model a lot of money when you cannot see her.
ok...this is nice. but, what happenned to valery???
RE: uuummm...valery???
why would GOD make such a gal so so sweet. just wantto have tea with her.
Kinky! Damn right!
Un chef d'oeuvre! Bravo!!!
Her labia needed massage by first her, then an aggressive, yet tender, masseuse who is hot and nude too. Rub that bare pussy!
Background music
Don’t know why but for some reason I got to thinking that the best background music for this would have been a solo sax. That always makes me think of longing for someone. Just what is the best kind of music to go with films like this?
RE: Background music
I'm too distracted by the visuals to notice the music anyway!
Monroe is lovely there’s no doubting it. One thing though which is just my opinion. She spends a lot of time looking straight into the camera. What I like best is when it seems like we are getting views of the girl when she does not know she can be seen. I like to watch them when they think they cannot be seen what they are doing. Can we have more like that please?
Send me a letter
Hello Monroe. I want to tell you that you are wonderful. I would like it very much when you send me a letter some time. Soon as I saw you I know that you are the girl I want to be with.
I can't wait to see Monroe get her massage :D
When you see those shots of Monroe on the window ledge yes they do remind me of my cat. She has the same slinky way of moving. Sensuous and sort of lazy looking at the same time. It’s great to have that kind of animal appeal that she has got.
I’m attracted
I didn’t ever think that I would find myself saying this but I was fascinated watching Monroe. If I am honest yes I do think she is attractive and I wonder what it would be like to get physical with her. So there, I have said it and if that makes me a bit kinky maybe that is the truth of it. This is something I am going to have to think hard about.