Anna S Naturist

May 31, 2011
Morning has broken

Here is Anna at her most relaxed. Nude at the water’s edge. She is so completely at ease in her setting. It’s as though she has the whole world to herself.

Yet she is on a public beach where anyone may pass by. If it is their lucky day. The whole scene holds its breath to admire her. The sea washes over her petite ass as though kissing her. She offers up her body to the sun and lets her sensuality take over.

In the early morning light she oils her breasts and legs. Then she curls up to bask in the warmth. This is the chance the camera has waited for to catch those extra-special close-ups.

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Members' Comments

Anna S
A perfect 10.. beautiful face, beautiful body, beautiful breasts, gorgeous ass, such a pretty anus, lovely pussy, and last not least, the perfect thigh gap !!!
Sorry but the unnecessary music is particularly stupid this time. Just sayin'.
Anna is unique! Her body shape is doll-like. The shape of her hips, the high waist, the shape and flow of her mons, and the space between her thighs... there is just something very special about her anatomy. Would love to she her in street closes again like the intro to Anna S Bed Story. Well done!
Free verse
I have to respectfully disagree with Jack. Let your models improvise and experiment and express themselves with whimsy. Anna is really good at it, a natural, and I think it would make it look contrived if she was following directions. She's very beautiful and erotic and that is great, but as strange as it may sound, she is relaxing to watch as well. She has this wonderful feline lounging quality and you do a great job capturing it.
Pretty ordinary , it takes more than a slow moving female model in the nude to be erotic. IMHO you need to be more directive with the models oin your films
Friggin' Awesome!!
Absolutely amazing - so simple, and yet so darn erotic! Kudos!!
Glimmering Dawn
Timeless sensuality...
Great Arse
Wow what a fantastic arse Anna has and what better setting to portray it in. The beach films and sets are always my favourite
Thanks for another lovely "lounging around" video. I see Ms S has gotten over her shyness since the Eiffel tower video!lol
A natural
Anna has that knack of taking something ordinary and making it special. I’m thinking of those shots of her in the water. Yeah!
Good as ever
Anna is always good value. She just has to walk past and she’s got me.
Ready for my close-up
Those final shots!! What can I say?
How can they do it?
Beats me how those guys in the background could just stroll on by. I couldn’t take my eyes off her.
A day at the seaside
How did you know this is just what I imagine when I’m at the beach?