En, Clímax del Evento de American Apparel

March 1, 2011
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Llegando a conocerte

He aquí una película que redefinirá el significado de "entrevista a fondo". Cuando En comparte sus ideas sobre masturbación, sabe exactamente de lo que habla. Cuando habla del orgasmo femenino, podemos ver su respuesta al momento.

En habla francamente de sus fetiches, sus fantasías y como disfruta del sexo. Es elocuente y creativa y esto se percibe en su manera de entrar en confianza con la cámara.

Comenzando con su show privado de lencería, nos deja ver porqué adora la ropa interior que le favorece. Pero, ¿qué es más excitante?, ¿ponérsela o quitársela de nuevo?

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Comentarios de los Miembros

She's fantastic! one of my favorits!
luego de ver todos los clips de esta subyugante modelito Rusa llegué a dos conclusiones: 1) tiene orgasmo clitoridiano 2) después de acabar tiene como un rapto de vergüencita que la lleva a reir, y sonrojarse como una colegiala.- Un fenomeno la Rusita...
Excessive Editing
En is very beautiful! Thank you for bringing her into our lives! Now for the criticism. When you have a beautiful girl staring directly into the camera while playing with herself, that is the ONE AND ONLY camera angle that we need! The constant cuts from one angle to another and back again breaks the viewers connection with the model. That connection is very important in my opinion. Please take this into consideration on future videos! Thanks for listening! :)
I would love to see more videos like this as well as the one of Anna that starts with her walking on the street in jeans. Also, does En have any of her paintings online? I would very much like to see her work.
Mound of Venus
Last night I was unable to find the deep slumber I sought, so in the dead of night I found the solution watching En stretching flimsy garment after garment over her beautiful pudendum. I slowly became aroused as she danced her way through each delightful change teasing me to a gorgeously hot eruption as her fingers fluttered teasingly on her sweet moist lips. I slept like a baby...
Congratulations! I haven't seen a 20 minute sex video that held my attention all the way through in a long time. Outstanding!
i would love to see you in person please
excellent video. love this girl, her naturalness, her beauty. When she masturbates it is the cherry on the cake!
Your Beauty Flows With Your Grace !
En, you must be one of the most beautiful girls in all of Russia! Your beauty is enhanced by your very graceful movements. I also enjoyed your comments and your very attractive personality. You are also so sexy! Thank you for the fantasy that you gave me ! I shall relive it often !
En--so nice!
What a delightful film! En, you are truly charming. And Petter, please let us hear more of your other girls talking as well!
A terrific film and it's made all the more sexy by En talking to us throughout. Great stuff!
very cool! love to hear these ladies talk!
she is attending the workshop next week!!
one thing i can say for sure is...after seeing this playful movie...and her beautiful orgasm at the end i even more look forward to the hegre photo workshop next week where this model is attending!!! En..looking forward to meet you!!! anyone else of you guys attending next week?
she is having a orgasm at the end!!! what a magnificent girl!!
Tell it like it is
This is a very charming girl. I like way she talks about everything honestly.
I'm wanting more of En. Like real soon
Way to go
Great accent.
Keep talking
Great idea to have her talking. Hows about a follow up one about what turns her on?
More is better
I love all that room full underwear of hers.