Erica F Striptease Rosa

October 26, 2010
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Rosa Brillante

Erica está de regreso para deleitarnos una vez más. En esta ocasión la veremos con una combinación única de rosa aniñado y la seguridad de una mujer.

La cámara la acompaña haciendo lo que todos desearíamos. Captura esos momentos especiales y se detiene un largo rato en ellos. Como si quisiera aferrarse y no dejar que se vaya su exquisito cuerpo.

Poco a poco la pequeña Erica excita con su camisetita, su minifalda y unas pequeñas braguitas. Pero la seducción no se acaba cuando acaba el streaptease. Erica se dejar ir y se de placer a sí misma y al espectador.

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Comentarios de los Miembros

esta modelo y este video es el mejor de toda la colleción de, no he visto otra mujer mas bonita y mas sensual que esta. me encantaría conocerla.
Mellifluous One
Extraordinarily she struts her stuff, ERICA reveals her sexual persona and SPEAKS to us thru her BODY LANGUAGE...from the INSIDE~OUT! The film adds an essential DYNAMISM to each exquisite pose- "SOMETHING in the WAY she moves!"
Pink Striptease
Excellent! I love the slow anticipation of the striptease as she reveals that wonderful, sculpted body. My favorite part of the film is when she is completely nude only wearing her sexy open-toed pumps. What a great sight watching a beautiful, self-assured and confident naked woman strut around in a great pair of pumps. Awesome!
Erica, you are the archetypal ice-maiden - a body from heaven, inner thighs that beckon and beg to be touched, breasts made to fondle, professional and physical dance skills and moves that can drive a man's loins crazy - but you give away nothing! Your face and expression is cool, detached, inscrutable, unconquerable and because of this you are absolutely intriguing - a challenge! What are you thinking as you strip for us? You are the most beautiful, sexiest and coolest blonde in the known world!
like a dream
She's my dream, but please Petter, let us see her and perhaps Dominika pissing with fine close ups. Let the year not pass bye before we have seen this! Thanx! (I'm sure, I'm not the only one, who whishes to see that.)
way to go!!
Erica shows all the others the right way to do it.
work of art
Erica is one classy lady. So glad she took up this kind of work.
This girl always gets me going though it be better in a more comfortable place I think with her.
I could watch Erica all day. Come to think of it I often do.