Elvira Soñando

August 10, 2010
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Fiesta de Pijamas

Esta es tu oportunidad de despertarte en la cama con la nueva modelo Elvira en su debut en película para Hegre.com.

Pero parece que Elvira se ha perdido en su propia fantasía. Mírala retorcerse al acariciar todo su cuerpo. La sexy y curvilínea Elvira sólo necesita dejar que sus dedos exploren sus más íntimos deseos.

Probablemente no sepamos qué o en quién está pensando, pero sabemos que la pone muy caliente y fuera de sí.

Así que métete entre las sábanas con Elvira y disfruta del espectáculo.

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Comentarios de los Miembros

Gorgeous girl
Elvira is such a breathtaking beauty - there should be even more photos and movie updates with her, she's just amazing, outstanding appeal!
What a lovely perfect body shape. Beautiful face, luscious lips. She can wake up in my bed every day. Love her.
Teasing, though to be honest I thought there was to be visual "intimate-touching" in this video. Hopefully you were able to catch this in more than a glimpse for us to enjoy? Cheers
simply beautiful. Keeps me dreming with her ...
Beauty personified
As sensually as she touches herself. I would love to see a film of Elvira actually achieving orgasm.
The films and photos are all wonderful but they will be much more viewer-friendly, naturally responsive to the camera and infinitely more attractive if the models have smiles on their faces and at least appear to enjoy what they are doing, at least some of the time!
I feel so naughty!!!
OOOOOO... I LOVE this voyeuristic stuff!!!Love to fee like I'm sneaking in and watching the lovely Elvira's wet dream!!!
Elvira is HOT!!!
Elvira Dreaming
Hmm I would love to be in that bed with her!
Elvira’s body is so soft looking , she is very sweet. Her face is awesome though really angular and photogenic. Good work.
Sexy Film
Elvira is lovely I hope there are more films coming up featuring her.
Very nice, hot stuff!