Yoko et son excursion

August 3, 2010
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Explorer avec Yoko

Passez la journée avec la ravissante mannequin vietnamienne, Yoko - mais prenez garde, il ne s'agit pas d'une journée comme les autres !

Yoko décide de passer la première partie de la journée à prendre le soleil ; dénudée, elle se trouve donc un endroit tranquille pour un bain de soleil. Etre nue sous le soleil semble faire vibrer ses idées érotiques, elle se met alors à caresser ses seins fermes et son doux minou tout en jouissant de ces heures de paresse !

Yoko vous emmène ensuite voir des trains comme vous n'en avez jamais vu avant ! Elle se tient nu aux côtés de rails, quelle surprise agréable pour les conducteurs et autres employés blasés !

Sexy, fun et mignonne - profitez de cette excursion avec Yoko !

  • Durée d'exécution : 9:56 Minutes
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Commentaires des Membres

Pretty plus
Wow what a beautiful girl, I love the way yoru movies are put together with real themes and focus on the actual setting and the girl not just or wonderful body.
Delightful film, fun and erotic. Yoko is a doll! The film captures the essence of some of my own passions. To enjoy a walk amidst beautiful nature. To enjoy self pleasure naked in the sun. The exhileration of public flashing. All very much to my liking and a pleasure to watch in this film.
Public Nudity
Flashing the train really makes this film fun. Thanks.
I wish I could have helped her with that oil! You probably offended half the people on that train, and thrilled the rest! I also would love to see more "ethnic" girls, if you can do it.
Explore with Yoko
Everytime I see Yoko I think she is a beautiful Japanese girl pretending to be Vietnamese! But she has a great body whatever her nationality.Thanks.
Loved this film, especially the beach scenes. That perfect little body with that long black hair, add to that a beautiful face, seeing her strolling on the beach, it was like I died and gone to heaven. Wished it could have lasted longer.
yoko train
Every time I see this little stunner I have to check for a small scar to make sure My Laos girlfriend is not posing for Hegre.com. I think I am the luckiest old fart in the world.
man i wish i was on that train!!!
She is absolutely adorable.
Nice stuff, sexy girl flashing why does that never happen to me?!!. I wish we could have seen the drivers face!
Great film!
Yoko is hot!
Ha! Brilliant I love it. Can you imagine being on one of those trains?
Gosh she is just too cute for words, please please can we see more East Asian and South East Asian girls on Hegre.com?
Yoko is beautiful and her body amazing. I hope we will be seeing more films and photo galleries featuring Yoko.