Erica F Bikini noir

July 13, 2010
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Taquinerie appétissante

Souvent le petits plaisirs de la vie sont les meilleurs et s'il y a bien une chose qui peut réjouir les yeux davantage qu'une fille c'est son bikini !

Erica F fait ses débuts dans un film pour cette semaine, mettant en avant son corps enjoué pour nos membres qui vont l'adorer ! Prenez votre pied en la contemplant sur le sol où elle se dandine fesses à l'air ! sans oublier le reste de son délicieux corps!

Son bikini glisse vers le bas doucement et Erica vous apparait dans son jour de gloire.

Ne laissez pas passer les débuts de cette Beauté !

  • Durée d'exécution : 6:10 Minutes
  • Format :
    • Full HD 1080p (77 Mo)
    • HD 720p (54 Mo)
    • SD 480p (35 Mo)

Commentaires des Membres

Love the lighting...and Erica
What a beautiful gorgeous girl!
Erica F Black Bi
A wel shot well lit film of a lovely model.Thanks
Eric F Black Bikini
Wow - this girl is absolutely stunnng, beautiful athletic body, lovely face. What about a film of her in leather, studded thong and ankle boots, maybe dancing? Hope this might be possible, and thanks for finding such a lovely model!
Erotic Erica
How sexy this lady is! Her legs are perfect, her skin so soft and smooth with firm round tits and succulent hard nipples. I love the way she gently carresses her pussy and moves so gracefully and with complete abandon. To be invited by this excellent film to share naked time with her in fantasy ...oh if it were true!!! Six minutes of heaven!
unbelievable ass !!!
Butterfly tatoo in front eyes on lower back, nose-ring,belly-ring. All the accoutrements of today's self assured independent woman.
Great body
Whoever the man is who has the pleasure of Erika's body all the time is a lucky man indeed. Fullsome tits on a slender athlectic body and another great deriere that Petter is so good at finding. Excellent work
Insane hot. Erica knows how to move every centimeter of her body. Even her little toe is infused with so much sultriness.
How wonderful it is to see sexy Erica F in motion! She is so agile and nimble! I love how her bottom is so curvy and firm she can barely lie flat on the floor! An encore would be fantastic, particularly if oil were involved! :)