Silvie Baño Azul

June 8, 2010
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¡Es hora de reunirse con Silvie para un baño caliente, jabonoso y húmedo!

Silvie tiene ganas de un baño lento y sensual, así que mírala enjabonarse poco a poco esa famosa selva negra. Pero la cosa no termina ahí, pues todas esas caricias la llevarán a un tipo de diversión más íntimo.

Con el agua de la ducha cayendo sobre su tupida vagina, Silvie no puede evitar rendirse a sus deseos.

¡La hora del baño en se pone cada vez más caliente!

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Comentarios de los Miembros

Silvie Blue Bath
A fine piece of the erotic art: A beautiful young woman, well posed and photographed in a natural (i.e., shower) episode. Her luxurious bush is a wonderful reminder of the strong sensuality of the female's clean, aromatic pubic hair enclosing the pussy as ivy around a gate, instead of the bald-shaved pussy of grade-school-aged little girls.
I love women with pubic hair. it adds two things that i think are very important... Texture, Contrast... so there is an added tactile element as well as visual interest.... well that's just me
Silvies Bush
God how I love Silvies bush :-)) Just amazing!! A refreshing change from the usual shaved fannies that models have these days
More like this
We need way more movies like this.
Praise to Silvie
Thank God Silvie has the COURAGE to keep her beautiful bush and she's such a beautiful girl! There are so many foolish females these days following the latest fad, blindly - the shaved plucked (like a chicken) crowd. This Hegre site overwhelmingly promotes the ugly shaved look! Sian use to be great .... but lost out to the shaved look. Silvie is one of the RARE beautiful, real women left who knows the value of ALL her feminine assets! Way to go Silvie!
RE: Praise to Silvie
shes hot and fuck ur comment
Please show her making love to one of the other beautiful girls.
A showstopper. If it was possible to throw a bouquet of flowers I would. Standing ovation.
Something's missing?
An excellent film but am I alone in thinking that our Silvie has got a little shy compared to her exquisite 'Bush Baby' days? or is it Petter that's being a little coy?!
Silvie looks so beautiful in this film! I love that hairy pussy! So wonderful and so unique nowadays with most ladies having the shaved look. You are a true original Silvie, don't shave that hair! It is so sexy watching you soap up that beautiful, thick pussy hair!
I am pretty certain that she made herself orgasm. I am extremely certain that she made me orgasm.
I love the trend towards the wet and wild, lately! (btw...for all the pube haters out there...I have actually seen lovely sylvia bushless!so,there is hope for you yet!lol)