Gabriella Statue

April 27, 2010
A Night At the Museum

Some would say that Gabriella’s gravity-defying body is a work of art…

And although Gabriella has yet to have a statue made in her image, here at we think that her impossibly shapely curves are a sight to behold!

In this film our curvaceous Brazilian model gets up close and personal with a statue but we would guess that the vote for the better body would be won hands-down by gorgeous Gabriella!

Fun and sexy – come and watch the show…

  • Runtime: 3:51 Minutes
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Members' Comments

I wish I could ejaculate on her belly...
I really like the film -- great idea!
Gabriella and bronze statue
Dear Mr. Hegre, I absolutely love this movie. You would have a member for life if you made an even longer movie with Gabriella playing with the statue. If she even had an orgasm rubbing against it that would be even greater. Thank you for making an awesome movie. Andrew
Only a statue would not respond to the advances of Gabriella. If she put her tongue on my lips I would be sucking her tongue down to its roots.
Gabriella and Silvie
Please show these two beautiful women making love. thankyou
anyone ever see the movie "mannequin"
She seems more interested in that statue than the girls have been in eachother, lately!
Brilliant Black
Exquisite cinematography ~ I love it.