Erica Nana Foot

April 20, 2010
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Esprit d'équipe !

Mignonne comme une fleur, Erica nous revient cette semaine dans un tout nouveau film pour…

Les jeux sont faits rien ne va plus ! Erica est d'humeur à jouer et elle vous veut comme spectateur !

La caméra ne laisse rien au hasard, le jeune et délicieux corps d'Erica se met à nu, les belles courbes voient le jour. Une jolie nana nue et un ballon de foot – la combinaison parfaite !

Jouez dans l'équipe d'Erica, vous serez sûr de gagner !

  • Durée d'exécution : 3:22 Minutes
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Commentaires des Membres

Erica is so cute, sorry there aren't more vids of her.
Wow! I love the diversity of the Hegre girls: naughty Anna S, grab-my-big-tits-and-butt-and-fuck-me Muriel, and perky debutante-girl Erica. Erica has a "first-time-nude-young-and-innocent-girl" quality that is simply irresistable! Love it at the beginning when she raises her long shirt and...oops!..this girl isn't wearing any panties!
Erica is to cute for words. I do hope that we will see alot of her very soon. Thanks so much. Paul Mcg
Enchanting Erica
Erica is the one girl I am going to miss when my membership expires in May. Her chewable plumpy lips, her soft cosy cuddlesomeness and the fresh fragrance of her hair. She touches my soul like birdsong ushers in each new dawn.
Erica Rocks!
Erica is so adorable in this film! I would love to watch if she was playing! Love the scene of her playing with the soccer ball. Oh, and by the way, I love her uniform!
Erica's great but that was just boring... Come on Hegré, a killer film is long overdue...
I thought us Americans were the only ones who called "football" "soccer"!lol
Off Side!
This is the work of a professional but has a distinctly amateur touch. The soccer theme was not exploited, I would have posed Erica sitting on the ball. Standing with the ball under one foot, arms folded. The scope for variety endless and requiring just a little imagination. At least Erica is a winner, she is unbelievably cute.