Anna S Shower Time

March 16, 2010
Warm and Wet

Here’s your chance to step into an ultra-steamy shower with the gorgeous Anna S!

Anna clearly loves the sensation of the warm water running down her firm breasts, flat stomach and smooth thighs – and so will you! Watch in awe as this Ukrainian beauty gives her perfect body an all-over-cleanse – with special attention paid to her most intimate areas of course!

So come and join Anna in the shower – we know you won’t be able to resist her…

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Members' Comments

Love Anna
Anna s is my fav. girl. Love her so much.
Love her natura breasts
Who else?
Love her natural ease and perfection!
I agree with Carne Asana
I loved hearing her speak. Any chance of her doing an interview video like Olena O?
Oh and womens stuff ~ whatever!
Yeah! i wanna know what she's talking about as well... any help?
The cutest part is the chatting on the phone before getting in the tub. Thanks in advance to anyone who can translate. After that it's a sudsy spectacular shower that rates high a Wow Factor. Gorgeous!
Anna gets better and better I must say. I want more and more of her. Very nice thank you to you all. Paul Mcg
Anna who else
Gorgeous as ever! Thankyou for letting us watch!