Gabriella Soap

January 19, 2010
Bath Time Beauty

Gorgeous Gabriella makes a welcome return to this week and once again you're in for a treat!

Never one to hold back, Gabriella is enjoying a long soak in the bath. And with a body as appealing as Gabriella’s who can blame her for wanting to play with it?

Caressing her soapy breasts, licking her nipples and letting the water run over her plump pussy, Gabriella certainly makes the most out of bath time!

Jump into the bath with Gabriella – you're sure to have a whole lot of fun!

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Members' Comments

All I can say is WOW! She's stunning.
that's how i would characterize Gabriella, she simply radiates sex and her amazing body is unimprovable, she is totally irresistable.
Bath Time Beauty
Gabriella is so sexy! I absolutely love her body! What beautiful, full and natural breasts and a great round perfectly shaped ass! It is very lovely to watch a beautiful woman during her bathing ritual. I also enjoy her playfulness with the camera and opportunity to get to observe her wonderful body from different angles. Great film!