Ama Jacuzzi

November 17, 2009
Erotic Pleasures

Natural, unshaven and effortlessly beautiful - join Ama as she makes her film debut on

Watch Ama as she enjoys a slow, sensual bathe in the Jacuzzi. Admire the view as she washes her perfectly formed curves intimately and tenderly - taking the time to caress her firm breasts and taut stomach.

This is a golden opportunity to relax with Ama in a sumptuous setting and this gently erotic new film is certain to wash all your daily stress away!

Quite simply beautiful - Ama is sure capture your heart and mind…

  • Runtime: 12:18 Minutes
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Members' Comments

Judge A Book By Its Cover
It's impossible to do with Ama. She looks sweet and adorably simple but also totally cosmopolitan. She's shy but puts the world on pierced and tattooed notice she's got a wild streak. Love her!
Simple girliness, girl next door. Yeah, a bit like the perceived innocence of young Sian.
This is anoter jem, Ama is just to beautiful for words. Just like a Greek goddess. Thanks so much for all you do for us Petter. Paul Mcg
I've been waiting for this for months.
Thank you for the video. I was hoping she would get one. Ama is one of my favorites here. She has that pretty girl-next-door appeal, sort of like Sian.
very sensual
A beautiful girl ~ a beautiful room
Quite clearly Ama guards her modesty zealously and her body language shuns the intrusion of the camera. I was touched by her innocent charm.