Anna S, Brigi, Melissa, Muriel, Suzie Carina and Suzie

October 27, 2009
Sexy and Spiritual!

You're in for a treat this week and that's because you've been invited to participate in a girls-only nude yoga class!

What could be better than joining six naked girls as they bend, stretch and contort into all kinds of interesting positions? There's the naked 'shoulder stand', the naked 'downward facing dog position' and the eye-popping leg stretches!

Shot on location in Mexico – this unique film is what sets apart from the rest…

So tune into your spiritual side, breathe deeply and enjoy this fun film!

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Members' Comments

That is fabulous. 6 naked lovelies showing what it takes at least in part what's involved in getting into and staying in great shape. Especially from the point of view of a comfy recliner chair with a glass of wine in hand. Very relaxing. And to think there are still some folks that think its interesting to slouch off to the pub in their finest hobnail boots to shout silly things things at the football on TV downing pint after pint of queer beer. Same planet.Different worlds.
a premonition
I haven't even seen this yet as its downloading,but i just know its gonna be amazing.
Great video but many missed opportunities for close up butt and pussy shots.
nude yoga class
beautifull,but why did´nt You use a camera from the windowside in order to show the girls from behind while doing exersises.
RE: nude yoga class
Wish I had said that.
Without a doubt this is one of the finest nude videos I have seen.
I really love Melissa ~ Cute and Petite
I only had eyes for Melissa, her body language is delightful. She tries so hard and is eager to please, and she brings out the protective instinct in me. I think she would be great fun and a very affectionate companion.
Everyone looks gorgeous. To me it seems Suzie Carina is the hardest worker, Anna has a don't give up spirit, Muriel is calm and serene. Suzie looks like the leader, I don't know, maybe because she's the tallest. Melissa is the class clown, even getting scolded for LOL. Ha! And poor Brigi looks like she just wants it to be over. I chuckled when the instructor gives up on distinguishing between right and left and just goes with the flow. That's definitely happened at the yoga classes I've attended. BTW, the guy giving instructions in Spanish, was that for Muriel's benefit? Fantastic video!
I have to say they were all troopers because that did not look as easy as you would think. They all looked so lovely. Thanks so much Petter. Paul Mcg