Yanna Table Show

September 15, 2009
Private Dancer

Sensual, erotic and with her expressive eyes, Yanna has and always will be a favorite on Hegre-Art.com.

So you’re in for a treat this week as the flexible one returns with what can only be described as the ultimate table show! It is rare to find a woman so uninhibited and so at ease with her sexuality, but Yanna is one such girl.

You will be transfixed as she stretches those flexible limbs and shares her gorgeous feminine beauty with you!

This erotic new movie is certain to leave you weak at the knees - get ready to be seduced all over again by Yanna!

  • Runtime: 6:47 Minutes
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Members' Comments

show off the long legs any where
Show off those long legs opening up anywhere
Yanna ganz nackig
Es ist unglaublich, mit welcher Schamlosigkeit Yanna ganz nackig die schönen Beine spreizt und uns in immer neuen Stellungen intimste Blicke auf ihr nacktes Fötzchen und den Anus gewährt. Beim Betrachten des Films herrlich mit meinem steifen Spatz gespielt und tierisch abgespritzt...
This film is one of the finest nude figure studies from the film aspect that I have seen. A completely uninhibited and sensuous look at the beauty of the female nude. You really get to examine every aspect of Yanna's incredible body. Any artist that wants to draw or paint the nude should check out this film to get a good insight in how to capture the definition and detail of the nude. A very artistic and beautiful piece. Great work by Yanna!
Yanna table show
I love seeing Yanna with her panties off. What a wonderful privilege! Once again I'm reminded of her stunning beauty. She knows we long to see the place where her legs come together, and she proudly delivers. What a lovely, wonderful body. What a sweet woman.
Yanna table show
Some girls you look at and 'crave' sight or even a study of their intimate parts. Yanna dispels that craving with a generous display of her pretty little pussy which is just another perfect part of a perfectly lovely lady. WEAK AT THE KNEES? She leaves me weak all over.
Complete pefection
Poise and grace personified, a fantastic study of Yanna displaying all her fine attributes. Hope this is not the finale, but if its what a way to bow out.
If this is the last Yanna video what a way to go. This is the most amazing finale best wishes for the future.