Annie And Olena O Sunrise

July 14, 2009
Girls Together

Following on from their explosive film 'Girlfriends' Olena O and Annie team up again this week for another highly erotic film.

The dynamic duo waste no time in getting down to some intimate girl-on-girl fun and again we think that this new film should come with it's own health warning!

With their gorgeous toned bodies entwined Olena and Annie lose track of the camera and really start to enjoy each other.

Unbelievably hot - we know this film is going to become another firm favourite!

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Members' Comments

I like the use of light and shadow, and with two beautiful women, the artistry goes to a whole new level
With Olena O they are together reaching a summum Many thanks to all of u
The Fluid Darkness
The two vulva's dancing with the light and shadow, erotic tension pooling between their legs. As Hermes states, "that which is below is like that which is above ." licking the cheese from the pungent lips of the other. Peter has a vision of a prophet of what is and what is yet to come. I like the invocation of mystery and curiosity. Well done keep up the good work!!!
Two loves eating each other to climax
This is just great two women eating each other on till than climax. Need to see more. lmbjless
sitting on face
Nothing like a women sitting on your face & even watching it happen
RE: sitting on face
Lovely uninhibited sex between two very beautiful naked girls. Licking each other and pleasuring both their partner and themselves. Very erotic.
Lovely movie. Very sensual and unstaged.
Very beautiful. But,nail up a navel,no thank you. I hate it. If no nail,+1 point(7 to 8).
RE: Painful
Sorry, I have to disagree! Love the "nail"!!
Amazing video!!!!. I gave It an all time big 10. I just wish that I was there with them too. Peter has a lot of will power, when he shot this video did he have to stop and take a cold shower?.
This video is simply stunning. Two beautiful women having a very sensual time. Absoultely breathtaking!!! More please! Would Anna S be willing to join them? That would be heaven.
Your site has the most beautiful women. Seeing two beautiful women together in passion is the height of erotic expression. Do present more of these films.
More of this
These past few films with Annie and Olena have been spellbinding. Please keep it up and continue to explore girl/girl concepts.
How about a triple?
The coronation would be erotic, even though the two Gabriella would socialize. Finally, Annie had also shared with her shoots and a video. I would be very happy if in the future would be feasible.
well said
well said laurie, and well said pete. lets leave it up to petter and his delectable models to decide where they choose to go from here. im sure they are all well aware of the members desires and visions, likes and dislikes, for their site. nevertheless, a wonderfully rare and eroticly sublime site. an absolute pleasure to view. well done petter, and well done to all of your exquisite models.
Shagbag & Shagpus
Loved your beautiful shagfest ~ a very touching and sensitive performance. Thankyou X X
Pete & Karl
I write because I enjoy the sound of my voice, I want to hear what I am saying so it is important to have readers to make it real. Yes I am guilty of an inflated ego in common with many creative people. I am temperamental and strong minded yet sensitive. I can be difficult and very opinionated but I enjoy intimate relationships with friends who understand and tolerate my intense desires, curiosity and zest for life and they indulge my fierce independence, individualism and bohemian lifestyle. I think its futile to continue the argument but I would invite you both to take another look at the film and reflect on this beautifully crafted piece of cinematography and allow yourselves to be seduced by the gorgeously tantalizing fantasy it really is. Like great literature it opens the mind to suggestion and it teases the emotions. A delicate balance of eroticism and aestheticism ~ pure harmony cleverly avoiding crossing the very fine distinction between the erotic and porn. Of course I would love to see the subtle insertion of finger or tongue because that tender sensitive act has soul and feeling as motive which the sterile inanimate toy does not. The toy in effect would cheapen the pure aestheticism of this gorgeous sensualism ~ and to break the beautiful spell that has been created. I am sure some members wanted to see more graphic detail but of course that would have meant sacrificing artistic integrity. In conclusion Karl I would just like to say that I have pushed at the boundaries with my introduction of certain words. Very naughty and I am not at all proud of the fact. The use of the word "cunt" I very much regret, I don't use the word in conversation but I do favour "fuck" which I rather enjoy using.
eroticism is boundless
no laurie, im not trying to drag the quality of this site down. it is a wonderful site, with stunning models, who devote themselves perfectly to the classy erotic ethos that peter has created. there is nothing crude about a heart stopping climax, or soft finger penetration. this can only serve to make these films even hotter. and whats wrong with a one off film, where olena and annie experiment with a sex toy. i agree with u laurie. keep it as it is, just push the boundaries just a little, every now and then. is that so bad ?
I do not posses the same literary prowess as you but I believe the comment area is for us to express our views about the photography and /or the models and not about other members views. You are also selective about my comments as I have clearly stated in other comment areas that I would not want to see insertions into every conceivable orifice on this site,infact the type of crude sites you suggest are exactly the type of sites I avoid, however Hegre is about vareiety, different expereiences, different shapes and sizes and that is why I have been a member since 2004. All I am doing is making some suggestions to content of one particular film or set and you will note that Karl has also suggested the same point but you choose not to address him. I am happy to see your views and comments, some of which I do not agree with, but Petter is the arbiter of what goes onto this site, not you. Despite your sophistication you have resorted to a crude personal attack rather than develop the reeasons for your obvious dislike of toys and consequently you have missed my overall point that the film/set could have been even hotter had it developed to its natural climax which could have been achieved with tongues, fingers, fists or toys. Ultimately that is for the models to consider and for Petter to manage based on ALL members views, not just yours and not just mine.
Eroticism with a subtle Aestheticism
Your 2nd reference to toys which I for one will fiercely resist, you seem intent on trying to influence a downward shift in the generally rather sublime eroticism of this site. I am sure there are lots of other sites offering the crude stuff just for you.
Really Hot
Completely agree wiht Karl's comments. this is a great film in every way wiht two of your top models doing what they do best, but it lacks the climax, and I would love to see boht/either cum, a bit of fisting or a toy/finger inserted for the delicious climax. However, top marks to two wonderful models
Dirty Delicacy
Some sensuous teasing of the anus with the tongue would have really excited the senses.
This has to be one of your best. Very nice and very hot. Thank. Paul Mcg
sweet jesus !!! what a movie !!! this two girls are HOT ! HOT !
getting real hot now !
i was waiting all week for this vid! and yes, it rocks! annie and olena really know how to turn each other on dont they! really really hot! would love to see them step it up another notch, and realy make each other cum on film! we got the foreplay, but sadly missed out on a much anticipated climax! annie tonguing olena to an orgasm! or the other way round! hopefully next time! maybe with some pussy penetration...fingers, or sex toys ? now that would be hot! anyone else agree ?
Thats what I'm talking about !
Great vid, very erotic, wee need more of this kind Peter !!!
oh wow
Aesthetic Eroticism
Now that was fucking gorgeous ~ the best yet.