Olena O Intimate Interview

May 5, 2009
Up Close And Personal

You’re in for a treat this week as we are proud to present to you Hegre.com’s first 60-minute film. And what a treat it is – an hour length in-depth interview with the gorgeous Olena O.

Presently driving our members wild with her unashamedly sexy photo galleries, in this film you get to know Olena more intimately. A whole lot more intimately!

Savor every moment spent with this unique model as she talks frankly and openly about her love of sex. And prepare to be utterly seduced as Olena brings the film to an astonishingly intimate climax!

Totally spontaneous and sexy - enjoy this incredibly erotic new film featuring a unique young model from the Ukraine.

  • Runtime: 1:08 Hours
  • Format:
    • Full HD 1080p (843 MB)
    • HD 720p (600 MB)
    • SD 480p (389 MB)

Members' Comments

So the interview isn't for thrill seekers, but now I like Olena much more than if I had just watched her performing/posing.
An intimate interview -- great idea!
I really like the idea of this film, and I enjoy it even though Olena is not really my type of girl. Please repeat this with other girls too!
Finally a video with no distracting music! I love it!
Great to be honest
I am too glad that she is open and comfortable with her own sexuality! It shows later when she appears with Marlene in those future films what she talks about here! With Marlene you can tell she enjoys pussy so much! I am glad she shared all of that with us! Love her blond look here and her smile does light up a room!
Olena - Sexy and Beautiful
Olena is open and honest in this interview and she really appears to be comfortable with who she is and her sexuality! She is petite in features but I really love her body! She doesn't have small tits as far as I am concerned she is well formed and her tits suit her frame! Her smile lights up the room and that makes it great to see her human side not just her sexuality! For me, Olena is sexy and beautiful and thank you for this frank interview with Olena!
Oh Olena - so Refreshingly Frank
I think she pretty well summed up many womens feelings and thoughts and exposed a few myths. It was interesting to hear her views on the taste of feminine juices because in my experience vegetarians are sweeter, especially if they eat pineapple. Touchingly tender denouement. Sadly I think I may be cured.
I am desperately in love with this beautiful young woman. I know it is quite ridiculous but I cannot get her out of my head. My membership lapsed in April and I do want to renew but need time to reflect on my obsession with Olena and accept reality. I know its absurd and I am revealing the depths of my tortured soul. But give me a week or two or so. And then, where will I find the nerve to view this film?
Olena O intimate interview
Thank you, Olena and Petter. It truly was a privilege to get to know Olena and her life. Olena has a stunningly attractive body, the prettiest pussy in the world and a fascinating mind. It was courageous of her to speak so intimately. I will always treasure this video.
Olena O interview
She is sooo good! And so are you dear Petter!
this was really interesting. i would love to see more of these interview films. i think it's important to know that these women are so much more than just a nude body to fantasise over. this type of film is the perfect way to convey just such a message... but you have to keep interviewing them while they're naked! wouldn't be Hegre.com if they weren't naked!
olena o
wonderfully open,incredibly sexy,olena is awesome.
The 1056MB file almost killed my computer, but it was worth it. I love Olena, even if she has slept with 300 guys. Was that orgasm fake or real ?
Very revealing
This is some story. Very sexy and very revealing.
This is better then the Operah Winfrey show ! I can not believe some of the things she is saying... shocking !!!!
Ms O seems a bit depressed!
hhhmmm...Hell hath no fury...
Fascinating woman, wonderful film. Olena, you are definitely not going to hell for this; what you've done was sweet and beautiful and exciting. Thanks go to you and Petter for a very interesting hour and seven minutes.
60+ minutes of Olena O.! i didn't think my ADD could handle it. i sat through the whole thing... i'm cured!!!
Truly Awesome!!!!