Annie Magia

March 24, 2009
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Secretos en la cama

Despiértate en la cama junto a nuestra nueva y despampanante modelo Annie, que regresa esta semana con una película altamente erótica filmada sin salir de la habitación.

No tardarás en darte cuenta de que Annie está pensando en algo muy placentero. Así que disfruta del espectáculo mientras ella se las ingenia para llegar a un estado de deliciosa excitación. Sólo podemos imaginar cuáles serán las fantasías que está teniendo Annie, ¡pero sea lo que sea tiene pinta de ser extremadamente divertido!

Entra a la habitación con Annie, te prometemos que no te defraudará…

  • Duración: 7:20 Minutos
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Comentarios de los Miembros

You offer such beautiful videos but why always music? There is nothing as sensual as the sound of a female enjoying herself. I would rather hear her breathing than listen to music or silence. Visually wonderful videos though. :)
she is absolutely incredible
Lou Reed
Hey babe take a walk on the wild side. Huh!
Annie magic
Splendid film and splendid model and splendid the central scenes of the film, where the model lifts the legs tightening her and shows the turgid pussy, swollen, abundant, pulpy, fleshy, soft and even more beautiful they are the scenes where the model sets the hands behind the sides and, lifting them, she lifts the basin and show his pussy, she caresses it, she tickles it and she presses it. Beautiful images. But it still misses a detail, or better an audacity: in these last scenes of the it seems central, the model also owed open and to widen the pussy, his great and small lips and to show the clitoris, turgid, well tense and some the meat of the vagina. This way these central scenes would have been perfect, Dear Petter, refers this film inserting these images. The model and Your cleverness, deserve it. It is a film to level of the film of Evi creamed, or of Patricia depilation. An erotic film justly in which the ambientation , defined by the sheets violet, they accent the atmosphere of lustful erotic lascivity expressed by the model. Petter compliments
Well, that just couldn't have been any better. The set had good colors for Annie and worked well with the mood she established. Perfect lighting, nice shadows but nothing was hidden. Great work Petter, that's a 10+.
Entente Cordiale
Lets jump little Frog. Passionately yours, Rosbif.
Annie you have aroused a deep warm glow and an intense tumescence and I desperately desire the most torrid, decadent fuck imaginable.
Stunning Sensualism
A superb production beautifully choreographed and filmed. Sensually performed with great style, passion and panache. Truly magic Annie.