Gabriella Marmordusche

January 27, 2009
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Heiß und Nass

Jetzt feiert sie also endlich ihr Filmdebüt bei – Gabriella! Und was für ein Knaller das ist…

Eine von Gabriellas stillen Lieblingsgenüssen im Leben ist das Duschen. Und diese Woche lädt diese einmalige Traumfrau Sie dazu ein, ihr dabei zuzusehen! Machen Sie sich auf etwas gefasst, denn zu sehen, wie ihre Hände so zärtlich an ihrem knackigen Körper hoch- und runtergleiten und dann mit ihren üppigen Brüsten spielen, ist wahrlich nichts für Männer mit schwachen Herzen!

Am Ende gibt Gabriella sich völlig ihren Gelüsten hin und ihre Hände schlüpfen weiter über ihren Bauch herunter auf die ultimative Genusszone zu…

Der Film kommt erotisch, heiß und mit einem unglaublichen Höhepunkt geliefert – auf keinen Fall verpassen!

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I used to love Yoko as my favorite on here. This changed my mind. She is either looking too much at the camera, or she is watching some porn to get her excited enough to Cum. I'd be interested to know what it is she is watching that she loves enough to assist her in her anxiety before the camera? She is very very real. It is obvious at moments that had the camera not been there. This is exactly how she performs in private. Men love to be the fly on the wall. Just to see a woman in her natural element. Wow, nothing is more exciting.
Hot And Wet
Gabriella: You make taking a shower a really fun thing. I loved the way that you were petting your kitty. I thought that cats didn't like water?. I really loved that way that your lovely breasts move and hang, your a really true beauty, don't change a thing about yourself. If you ever need some help rubbing lotion on you after a hot steamy shower I would love to help you with that.
GABRIELLA - do Brasil
By far, this is one of THE BEST videos on this site. As one who has travelled to Brazil several times thru the years, Gabriella is representative of some of the most beautiful, sensual, and passionate women in the world. (What a delight to see Gabriella masturbate --- for real!!!) VIVA O BRASIL!!!
that shower stool rocks!
she is good solo, really good. my mind wandered a bit, until around the 7 minute mark. funny how stuff like that can stop you in your tracks, heh heh. Gabby's a keeper! the abrupt cut at the 9:58 mark kind of took me out of the moment though. i want a stool to sit on in my shower. i almost didn't finish this video, thanks to that godawful sleazy early 90's Playboy style elevator music it out started with. so happy when it switched at the 5:30 mark. the film got sexy again. stick to the sensual ambient electro trip-hop influenced stuff, much better. maybe it's just me, but when a woman wraps a towel around her hair, it's one of the sexiest things ever!
Maybe the best video that I have seen on this site. I like to see more like this one and more models like Gabriella.
This is the best excuse for recklessly wasting water that I have ever seen. Gabriella was my favorite long before this movie. I have never been able to watch what a girl would do behind closed doors. I feel like this is exactly what she would do behind closed doors. We are all so fortunate for Gabriella and Peter. None of the other models are this honest with us. If I were to see her in person, and winked at her, would she know what I am thinking???
It was good for me too. Nice stuff Mr. Hegre, I like the direction you're going in.
This is one of the finest videos of pleasuring I've seen... excellent Petter and Gariella! Let's see, Patricia on the ladder, Yanna and his juices, and now this. Petter, if I ever thought of letting my membership lapse again, well forget it!
Now that Yanna has apparently retired, Gabriella is my new fave! 10 out of 10. Incredible!
Gabriella is hot
The best video in months.
Oh now that IS good!!!