Anna S Glittering Christmas

December 9, 2008
All I want For Xmas…

All we want for Christmas is Anna S - so here she is!

In this fun and festive new film Anna is feeling in the mood to celebrate a sexy Christmas with the help of a few accessories. So enjoy the show as Anna enjoys the sensations her Xmas decorations bring to her beautiful body.

Watch as Anna traces her hard pink nipples and perfect pussy with her glittering accessories and she certainly finds an interesting new way of wearing them!

Playful, sexy and getting us all in the mood to enjoy a sexy Christmas, there’s nobody quite like Anna!

  • Runtime: 5:16 Minutes
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Members' Comments

Anna S Glittering Christmas
All I want for Christmas is inside Anna.
Somewhat humourous adventure-just fun for a change-not erotic or sexy-just good old fashioned fun-like what happens when you are with someone with whom you really connect.
cute film - anna has got me in the mood for some christmas fun of my own!
anna s
Anna Anna Anna
Everyday should be Anna S day. Love the new film Anna, Happy Christmas to you beautiful woman. Love from your number one fan. xxx
Anna S Film
What a fun and flirty film, I just LOVE the way Anna makes eye contact with the viewer it is very hot and sexy.
Anna S
Very sexy girl
Merry Christmas, Ms S
you just made mine a whole lot better!!!
Haha. Great film, good to see Anna gettin in to the festive spirit!
Anna Reigns again!
This film starring Anna is way hot in a very festive way. Anna can pull anything off even roller-skating around scarily unsteady! I just love looking at her many varied looks.
Anna is SO hot, all I want for Xmas IS Anna - hope my wish comes true!!!