Thea Goodyear Adler

May 27, 2008
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Seitdem die bezaubernde Thea zu uns gestoßen ist, wird das Jahr hier bei immer besser…

Und jetzt ist unsere goldene Göttin auch noch in ihrem allerersten Film zu sehen; einer ganz heißen Nummer, die ihr sicherlich viele neue Fans einbringen wird. Also, genießen Sie die Show und lassen Sie sich von dieser wohl geformten Schönheit mit ihren so einladenen Augen verführen.

Ein Besuch in der Autowerkstatt war noch nie so aufregend wie jetzt!<

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By the time I had watched this video of Thea I blew three tires and needed a retreat on the fourth. She is rough on the tread. Wow! She is w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l!!!
Thea (all)
I've read all the 'gripes' about lack of pussy and I too am disappointed but with the joy of looking at sheer unadulterated beauty such as hers you almost forget she has one tucked away somewhere. At Hegre you have many girls as lovely in their own way but it is impossible to find any MORE lovely.
i think she is perfect, so hot
Thea is the new Yanna
Thea is a great little model and definately not too thin for me. I loved the video, great editing of images and a sexy sound track. wiht a body as good as Thea's scrap the panties early on!
Too thin for my taste pretty face but not enough curves and too many ribs
Would have been a better video if she had ditched the high-heeled shoes.
Lovely eyes and nipples that you could hang a shirt on...
thea is a very sexy woman.
What a great film, well done to your film editor on this one, sexy model, sexy music , i love Thea's blonde hair/brown eyes combination, she is very beautiful.