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Yanna Dunes Of Maspalomas

April 29, 2008
Summer’s Coming

Get in the mood for some hot summertime fun by joining Yanna on the beach. You can always rely on Yanna to raise the temperature!

Admire the view as Yanna roams around the dunes of Maspalomas naked. Watch her climbing to the highest tops and running bouncily back down again. Feel the heat too as Yanna revels in the feeling of the hot sunshine on her naked skin.

With her body honed to perfection, those long lithe limbs and that knowing look in her eye Yanna will take you on beach journey that you will want to repeat over and over!

There’s nothing like a trip to the beach to raise your spirits so enjoy this day-trip out with the exquisite Yanna!

  • Runtime: 9:20 Minutes
  • Format:
    • HD 720p (83 MB)
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Members' Comments

Is there a nude beach that ONLY allows people like Yanna? Because I have not seen any. LOL, as they say
This film exemplies everything good about your site. It is the best site i hqve found after searching many others. The girls are stuning.
Yanna looks killer
Maspalomas is a resort town in the Canary Islands (Spanish Territory). She's not walking along the coast of Delaware. That's how you don't get arrested. Yanna looks super fit and firm. The only criticism I'd make is that the cover photo is not the most flattering picture of her face. Yanna's a beautiful girl. I'm sure there must be a better still to use for the cover.
Wow,how beautiful to see a body like this working, and so well filmed.
Fantastic. What a great film, Yanna is so beautiful, so natural. And what a treat to see this dancer dancing. Such grace.
Perfection at its best!!!
As a wannabe photog,myself,I would like to know how you do that stuff in an,obviously,very public place without getting arrested!!!BTW Thank you for one last hoorah,Dear Yanna!!!
Yanna on the beach....yes!
What a fantasy..... to have Yanna naked to the world, walking right by me on the beach. Oh my, I can't even imagine!! She is THE best. Loved every minute of this one. Climbing the dunes, her tanned body blended in so nicely with the sand, and her beautiful ass bobbing back and forth, well... I could go on and on!
wooooooooooooooooooooow!!! love when she climbs the sand dunes!!!