Doux, doux été

May 8, 2003
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Après-midi de paresse

Tatiana, ça vous dit quelque chose ?

La beauté aux cheveux foncés ayant mangé l’orange dans la piscine bleue ? Et bien elle est de retour, mais cette fois-ci elle se prélasse dans un hamac. Elle perd sans doute son temps à ne rien faire mais ça ne nous dérange vraiment pas, n’est-ce pas ?! Cette activité intense lui va si bien !

Vous imaginez passer l’été à donner du plaisir à une telle demoiselle ?

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Commentaires des Membres

Stunning beauty! Her eyes are almost feline. Although I wish she wasn't covering her breasts so much.
So this is spring, and he's wearing a heavy duffle coat, and she's bare as a needle - no wonder her nipples are standing out like hat-pegs!
More Tatiana!!!!!!!!!!
Please, please, please do whatever needs to be done to get Tatiana in front of the camera as often as possible. She is by far the most stunning girl I´ve ever seen. Maybe even a few more "risque" pics?
A more lovely woman? Nevermore.
There are plenty of beautiful women here on Petter's site. But Tatiana is utterly breathtaking. She's the sort of women you meet once in passing and remember for the rest of your life. Thank you, Petter, for allowing us to revel in her grace and loveliness.
She is real beauty
She is a real beauty . I have never seen a gorgeous girl like her .
the most gorgeous girl ever?
Tatiana is possibly the most stunningly gorgeous girl on a fantastic website filled with gorgeous girls-check out those amazing eyes. How can you go wrong??
Ever since 2003 I've been trying to become a member on this site, due to one particular girl; Tatiana. Today I finally became a member! I can truly say of all the woman on every site I've ever visited, Tatiana is by far the most beautiful. By far. To me, she embodies womanhood.