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一日あたり$0.42以下 は受賞歴を誇るカメラマン Petter Hegre の個人的作品集です。 は、世界でも最高ランクの裸体芸術写真サイトです。 は、インターネットに高画質のヌード写真を提供するために設立され、ネット中のもっとも美しい裸の女の子たちを、写真や動画で提示しています。

ジュラ ミスウクライナの舞台裏

February 26, 2008
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Another Ukraine beauty. I hope this little beauty is safe wherever she is.
wonderful clip WONDERFUL JULA
Miss Unraine?
The first question is, where was Miss Ukraine?. Unless she is Jula's identical twin, I missed Ukraine!. If Jula is Miss Ukraine, the word 'with' in the title is incorrect.
Is there any chance of knowing what has happened to this beautiful young woman in the three or more years since these photos were taken? Did she go onto become a model of renown in Eastern Europe?
jula you're amazing but
more pussy PLEASE. why leave it out in photos and movies. worth shooting perfection
Jula. Where is she?
Her stills and movies are simply incredible; the more you see the more you want to see. Jula has no faults; she is perfect,every lovely inch of her. But what happened to her? Did she retire? Am I missing another source?Or am I just too impatient?
Beautiful Jula!
Jula is one beautiful and sexy lady! You get caught up with her beauty and mesmerized by her! Thank you for allowing us a glimpse of this beauty! I am not so concerned about shaved or unshaved pussy hair as what I want to see is beautiful women. I have been a long time member and it is wonderful to see Petter take the time to show us every type of women imaginable for all tastes here! Jula is amazing so thank you once again!
more un shaved women please
more un shaved women,nice model and very cute
you need more unshaved women on this site
This is a nice model,however,i have noticed that your site dosnt have too many un shaved women.It would be nice to see more women with a little vaginal Hair.Shaved is cool,but show shaved and un shaved,mostly un shaved.Your site also needs more women of Colout on the site and in the videos..
I always love to see Jula's beautiful body, and she has a very beautiful smile too, and would love to see it more often. Also, perhaps she could spread her wings a bit more. Thanks.
I've seen perfect bodies but
I've seen perfect bodies but Jula defies description. Only youth can defy gravity and make it so beautiful and effortless. I feel so priviledged to be able to gaze upon these beautiful photos and videos by Petter of Jula. Now, please take this beauty out in the daylight and let us see her among mere mortals doing ordinary mortal things.