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Nika Flower Power

November 20, 2007
Perfect Petals

Gorgeous new model Nika makes her film debut on this week and what a debut it is!

Nika is as lovely as any flower and in this film you get to see just how beautiful she is. Watch Nika as she traces the perfect pink petals of the flower all over her naked golden skin. Caressing every curve and tracing every contour of her petite frame the camera lingers gently following the flower as it reaches those special and intimate feminine features.

This erotic film featuring Nika’s delicate beauty is certain to send shivers down your spine. Enjoy the moment.

  • Runtime: 9:13 Minutes
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Members' Comments

So nice, so well filmed. Her juicy nice pussy is a wonder
Wow, her pussy so wet and juicy !!
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omg she have a real orgasm? look how wet she is, we need similar videos! very very erotic 10/10
Ah sweet nectar drink of the gods. Laurie
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so sexy
nika, wow...the subliminal phallic idea mixed up with the beauty in a flower. so fucking flower power!! great video
Hot girl. Even hotter video.
NIKA !!!!!!
This is Thé Most exiting video I've ever seen!!!!!!! Mind-Blowingly GORGIOUS!! After seeing this I can't help myself anymore!! I don't know....So Delicate, so... , Oh, My GOD!!
Nika---Perfect Petals
What a powerful film! A simply gorgeous young woman so subtly expressing such beautiful passion. I love her!
this film left me breathless,nika is such an erotic beauty,i look forward to seeing alot more of this incredible young woman.
Nika, oh my
Nika is simply hot, and sensuous and tender at the same time. From the very first gallery you could see just how tender and sexy she is, not to mention being so comfortable in front of the camera! What an amazing and adorable girl.
Best yet.
The finest video I have seen. Very tender and intimate.