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Sian - Ein Tag im Leben

September 25, 2007
15 Kommentare
Lazy Days

Verbringen Sie den Tag mit Sian an einem der schönsten Orte auf dieser Erde!

Verfolgen Sie Sian bei ihrem Tagesablauf - ein bisschen Sonne tanken, im Pool erfrischen, einmal unter die Dusche, und dann zum Entspannen in das große Bett mit den frischen weißen Laken – und das alles natürlich völlig nackt!

Sian liebt es über alles, sich nackt zu entspannen. Und Sie dürfen Sie dabei in diesem neuen Film, der Anfang des Jahres in Südafrika entstand, auf Schritt und Tritt verfolgen.

Fans von Sian werden von diesen pikanten Einsichten in ihr Privatleben sicherlich nicht enttäuscht werden.

  • Spielzeit: 10:47 Minuten
  • Format:
    • SD 360p (35 MB)
    • SD 240p (21 MB)


Sian a wonder
She was among the rare having a full wonderful bush. Hopefully for the first time we could see her bach door, a Wonder too, used to receive some nice visits. What a pretty younglady
OK, who shaved this wonderfully bushy lass? Sacrilege! No, really, why, she is one of the few woman you show with adult hair coverage?! Can't you resist the temptation to shave everything you see?! Or at least do a shoot with bush, then shave them if you must. I know I am not alone here, but the vast majority of your work is pube-less, so redress the balance, please.
Sian's new look
Sian's hair style looks fabulous! It's really a shame what she has done to her vulva. Her "one of a kind, rare and luxurious bush" IS MISSING!!! It was really one of her most gorgeous outstanding feminine assets! What is the world coming to! She has joined the ranks of female sheep mindlessly following this current wave of "baldness" and plastic surgery. Really sad to see what is going on. Sian is no longer a reining queen of natural (bush) beauty! She is now just like all the other de-feminized girls. Bald as a lizard! No special flower to show off! She allowed someone to rip her off. Sian is not unique anymore. Some of these girls would do themselves a favor to grow it back, many are downright ugly down there! It must be a hassle to keep it plucked down below. Hope she changes back to her natural beauty someday soon. Some women would pay a lot of money to look the way she use to. Now I'm not interested in any of her new photos - shaved to death! Nice little seaside house she has! I wish Sian the best though - she seems to have a beautiful spirit.
RE: Sian's new look
Couldn't disagree more. She has a beautiful vulva, and you couldn't see it at all when it was buried under all that hear. So thankful she shaved
One of my favorite videos.
For some reason this is one of my favorite videos. Too bad we're not getting anything new from her.
Fresh and pretty face, cute figure.
Sian is ...
... wonderful
One of the best Film, please more films like this
Is this a commercial for the billion dollar house? ;) If it is, then the agent was wise to use Sian. She is incredible advertising.
Fantastic! Loved the dream sequence in the middle - a nice touch!
fantastic film
In my opinion one of your best film's. And the location is out of this world. Is it available for others to use?
a great movie
That's certainely your best video ... beautiful but hot too ! Thanks for the close-ups : this movie proves fetish close-ups can be artistic and without vulgarity (it was my request during the chat with photograph)
such a petite,elegant beauty,sian is just delightful.
This film is wonderful. I was momentarily under the illusion I was with Sian. For Sian, the clothes are unnecessary. Because I think that nude of Sian is the best art.
This is an excellent film. Maybe your best ever. Sian is as beautiful as ever in this one.