Linda L am Pool

March 6, 2007
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Himmel auf Erden

Der Film wurde auf der exotischen Thailändischen Insel Koh Samui gedreht und ist Linda L.'s Debütfilm bei - und was für ein Debüt es ist!

Sie werden fasziniert dabei zusehen, wie Linda ihre wunderschönen nackten Kurven mit Öl eincremt, bevor sie sich am Pool in der Sonne entspannt. Und seien sie auf den umwerfenden Anblick gefasst, der sich Ihnen bietet, wenn dieser kastanienbraune Engel schließlich in den Pool steigt.

Dieser Film zeigt einige Minuten vom Paradies auf Erden. Warum nehmen Sie sich nicht einfach eine kleine Auszeit und lassen sich ihre Spannungen von Linda L. erlösen?

  • Spielzeit: 4:50 Minuten
  • Format:
    • SD 576p (46 MB)
    • SD 480p (22 MB)
    • SD 360p (12 MB)


Linda I hope you didn't hurt yourself when you fell to earth?. Because I think that you are an angel. I loved every minute of her video, I gave It a perfect 10. I just love the way that her breasts don't pancake when she lays down. I would love to gIve her a full-body massage and get Into all those Intimate spots. Thank you for a great video.
So fucking Sexy
Shame about the quality of the film because Linda is exquisitly erotic.
There Are No Words
Petter I am going to harass you until you give us more Linda especially in films like this. Like Bruce said it is so rare to see a girl with curves on this site and when you do see it and it's potrayed like this well...there are no words. This is one of the top three films on this site next to Mirta Oily and Parisan Nights.
Linda L's boobs are nothing short of amazing - and I love the hip thrust action in this video. A bit too much detachment for my taste though - I prefer it when the model connects to the camera more.
I want to see her high quality photo gallary in this situation,please!
Most of your girls are flat chested and when you see tits like lindaslooks like superwoman she has the nicest nipples i have ever seen. Perfect ass and i love the amount of hair she left around her pussy much sexier then the bald look.
So many comment on Linda's breast, but please there is so much more. Her perfectly shaped rear should be recognized, as her long slender legs leading to Heaven just to mention her most obvious attributes. Add to that a contrast seeing such a serious face on such a delicious body and you have someone to make mami and papa both happy (and envious) of you>
This could possibly be the best video on this site. Linda is definately in my top 3 Herge models with the most beautiful breasts I have ever seen. More Linda Please!! b
Linda has not impressed me in her photo galleries, but this film was excellent, and one of the best I have seen on this site. Great work. As for Linda, no doubt in my mind that she wins the "best breast" contest amongst the Hegre models.
She has one of the best bodies on here in my opinion.
this girl is spectacular!
pure happiness !!! linda is more than beautiful. love, love, love please more films, more photos ! a linda l week !
Lovely Linda
Linda's film blew my head off. Love her curves, love the way she moves. So natural, very erotic. Incredible girl, I just want more, more, more.
Excellent film, Linda is very beautiful. Her breasts are awesome. Whoever says more than a handful is wasted, have not seen her. Don't make us wait to long for the photos from this one.
linda l
knockout! a beautiful woman from every angle.
Beautiful breast, but nothing compared to Luba.