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Alya - Baroque

January 2, 2007
15 Commentaires
Beauté classique

Élégante, gracieuse et ravissante, voilà qui est Alya. Jeune aux longs cheveux et aux jambes élancées, de nouveau parmi nous dans ce nouveau film érotique à souhait.

Ambiance baroque, habillée de bas blancs, d’un string de perles et… rien d’autre, Alya est simplement étincelante. Alya caresse l’ensemble de son corps lentement et sensuellement et joue avec ses cheuveux brillants. Vos yeux ne vous laisseront pas une seconde en paix, la caméra s’aventurant sur cette déesse nue, bel et bien vivante.

Beau, alléchant et plein de rebondissements, vous ne pouvez vous payer le luxe de manquer ce film.

  • Durée d'exécution : 6:16 Minutes
  • Format :
    • HD 720p (55 Mo)
    • SD 480p (36 Mo)
    • SD 360p (20 Mo)

Commentaires des Membres

Heaven in nylon.
Fabulous miniature of a massive loveliness. Alya has such class and elegance.
Angelic Alya
The best video for me!!! Alya is sooooo perfect and beautiful:-) Crowned by this angelic smile... Adorable and kissable from head to toes forever...♥ ♥ ♥
Well tasty
I could nut inside that without any problems
I started rating all your girls Petter. The only problem is that they all rated a "10"
OK--OK--I'm conviced! I've seen all the ladies on this site and I'm now SURE that Alya comes the closest to perfection, at least in my mind, of any of the other girls I've seen! That lovely young face, that tight, long and lean body and GREAT ass are almost too much...Plus, she's even got pretty feet.....I just wish she'd show some pink...on the other hand, I don't think my heart could take it....Hope to see MUCH more of her in the future.....Thanx for sharing the pleasure........
Blame it on existential angst. I was overwhelmed by her breathtaking femininity.
More, More, More
I watched this film about 100 times. Petter, please shoot more like this one. Alya is amazing and this film is amazing too.
The lovely Stream
Does anyone else see that? She is so beautiful, you don't see it at first. It's so intimate. Take me to her!
Feature Length
Peter, This a perfect beginning to a full length feature film staring Alya. Sure, put some of your other girls in it if you really feel the need. Alya can keep the world mezmerized for hours. Marry me Alya. PS What is a slip of a woman?
Shes a very beautiful slip of a woman.
What a woman, wat a body...........she´s a beauty!!!
film 193
this was indeed your best film...i want to see her in many more productions...she is th qintessence of female perfection
The best baroque!
I feel is not easy to mix elegance and grace with simplicity and frankness as well as sexiness and hotness with purity, but in this film you can find that miracle. This is the best “baroque” I’ve never seen and Alya is the only one angel who can give you such a joy. Alya, thank you!
film 192
Wallpaper needs repair and the couch condition was poor. The model (Alya) is very beautiful and she has right movements. Thanks for new years first film.
alya is just beautiful.