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一日あたり$0.42以下 は受賞歴を誇るカメラマン Petter Hegre の個人的作品集です。 は、世界でも最高ランクの裸体芸術写真サイトです。 は、インターネットに高画質のヌード写真を提供するために設立され、ネット中のもっとも美しい裸の女の子たちを、写真や動画で提示しています。

ナオミ プールサイド

October 17, 2006
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  • 時間: 3:30分
  • 形式:
    • SD 480p (16 MB)
    • SD 360p (8.8 MB)
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Ebony trailblazer
Beautiful ebony girl, she's the trailblazer before the stunning Valerie and the marvelous Simone. As usual, Peter has made a good choice ;)
If Naomi has as beautiful a Heart as she has a body, moreover as beautiful a Spirit as her Heart; "She could be The Mother of us all". "Thank You Naomi for sharing your self with us. Sincerely, eber 1-31-16 Michigan, United States"
black body
what a beautiful body color anytime I switch my white color for your color I envy you
What a nice chocolate body
Shes a work of art,and it would be nice to see more of her.Naomi can only be found in your older videos.I wonder if she quit the business or not.Please put more women of Colour on your site,it needs them...
RE: What a nice chocolate body
I 100% agree.
This lady is the most graceful and beautiful lady I have ever seen in my life. Her smile is electrifying and her sweet body is mesmerizing. We must have more Naomi.
Work of Art
I can't say anything bad. I really enjoyed the angles of sunshine on her skin. Giving a golden tone to meet soft shadows. Normally B/W art work is my favorite because color usually distracts your eyes from all the shaded curves of the female body. Great work. Looking forward to seeing more fine art detailing Naomi.
My only criticism of the film is that it was far too short! A very attractive smile and body!