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Dasha - Déesse du palais

August 8, 2006
22 Commentaires
Royauté nue

Deux mondes de splendeur visuelle se retrouvent nez à nez dans un des films les plus élégants parus sur Hegre.com !

Contemplez Dasha descendre lentement les marches de l’escalier d’un grand palais vêtue de rien d’autre en dehors de chaussures à talons ; ses sublimes courbes se marient très bien avec le décor du lieu. Prenez note de sa façon de descendre les marches, lentement et avec soin, s’assurant que vos yeux aient tout le temps nécessaire afin de s’abreuver sans retenue aucune de cette déesse et de tout ce qui l’entoure.

Disponible en VHD pour la première fois, pas besoin de tourner autour du pot, c’est ce qu’on appelle du grand art !

  • Durée d'exécution : 5:15 Minutes
  • Format :
    • HD 720p (46 Mo)
    • SD 480p (30 Mo)
    • SD 360p (17 Mo)

Commentaires des Membres

The Goddess Descends
Like a Goddess descending from on high, Dasha, with her rare, exquisitely delightful beauty and astounding proportions, makes her way down that magnificent staircase with leisurely, graceful elegance. It could also be said that she steps out of the imagination of wet dreams. She's just that movingly sexy! I'm a fellow who almost always sees a greater beauty in the entirety of a woman's body, rather than just a part of it. So I applaud Hegre.com in making a large part of this film show Dasha's entire body, rather than a more cropped, partial view. The film is much more beautiful because of it. And, for that reason, it will always be one of my favorites. Dasha's body, from gorgeous face to beautiful feet, is a human work of art, a jewel, and her setting is one, as well. I've tried, but these words simply do not convey the degree to which this film of Dasha has moved me. Thank you SO much!
THE mst beautiful ass
almost not from earth , her breast too
There is nothing better than seeing gorgeous Dasha descending that palace staircase totally nude with only a pair of high heels on! Isn't that the way it should be? Imagine her making the perfect entrance like that! It would be amazing and she would look better than anyone else there, considering that everyone else has clothes on. The only thing she needs in her wardrobe is those heels! She is exquisite. Please bring Dasha back completely nude in high heels!
Goddess of the palace
trop belle !
A True Blue Blood
Name of location
I also want to know the name of the palace, is it open to the public for tours, are there any publications or photo tours of this palace?
Best Girl
This is the best girl. God video.
Dasha - Goddess of the Palace
Spectacular demonstration of beauty and elegance. My truck is named "Betty" after Betty Page...I'm naming my motorcycle "Dasha".
The model is breathtaking, poised, sensual. The locale is an incredible museum of mill cabinet work, baroque surrounds beyiond imagination: where and what is this Palace?
Thank God for the lady above
Honestly, if I travel the globe I don't expect to find another girl on Dasha's level. I'm glad that she has a good amount of material here, because if not, I might have to complain ;-).
More Dasha
Incredible...I'm speachless. Petter you are a god, Dasha is a goddess and the music selection is superb. The lighting fits the mood of the film perfectly. Thank you all!
Dasha, the Essense of True Beauty
Before anything, I'd like to say that I only give feedback to the absolute best. This film, 184 , Dasha Goddess of the palace is the absolute best. The combination of the music chosen and the location brings out the true essence of her beauty. It would be great to see more of this Goddess of the world. She is absolutely stunning. Petter, I congratulate you on this one.
Thanks for th detailed explanation
Hello Peter and thanks for your feedback. I definitely look forward the next video in high definition ! And just like Andy, I hope there will be a photo set to go along with that video !
Spectacular staircase.
What a stunning setting, I seriously hope there is a still set to accompany this. Dasha is a great choice of model to work with here. Complementary curves.
Dasha HDV
More Dasha please!
Great production!
Nice cutting, just like a real movie. Less compression next time please. Use some video lamps next time Petter. Good job. Ciao.
My Palace
WOW, what a location. I could live there with Dasha.
I like widescreen.I like Dasha. I like her tits.
Hey, what are you guys crying about. The film is FANTASTIC!!! I have seen her go up and down the stairs over a 100 times now and I've still not had enough.
HDV... still learning.
hi larry, thanks for your reflective feedback. I have to say that I agree with you... so I had a serious talk with my film editor today. he explained that the low lighting conditions during filming (I just used natural light coming through a glass dome) produced some noise. in addition we added some noise as we warmed up the color balance slightly due to the cold indirect light (shadow gives blue light) coming through the skylight. and the H264 always makes things a little paler... so all together I must agree it did not quite turn out as razor sharp and rich as I was hoping for. but we will definitely learn from this production. it is only 2 weeks till our next HDV film, and then we will tweak compressions and other settings to achieve an optimal result.
Great video
Dasha is definitely a very nice woman, one of my favorites. But I was expecting more from the new video format... to be more clean and crisp. Is it linked to a high compression rate used to keep the files small ?