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Mirta - Calippo

June 27, 2006
8 Commentaires
Goûtez-moi ça !

On peut dire sans se tromper que Mirta a un goût prononcé pour les sucreries.

Et c’est peu dire car il semble que les lèvres de Mirta ne sont pas les seules à apprécier cela. Se prélassant sous le soleil estival, Mirta ne peut s’empêcher de laisser couler sa délicieuse glace sur l’ensemble de son corps nu ; sur ses seins bien roulés, sur son joli ventre, sur ses tendres tétons... partout.

Contemplez Mirta qui profite à fond de cet été plus que torride, la température n’en faisant qu’à sa tête !

  • Durée d'exécution : 5:36 Minutes
  • Format :
    • SD 480p (25 Mo)
    • SD 360p (14 Mo)
    • SD 240p (8,7 Mo)

Commentaires des Membres

The very first sensual clip. Mirta you are marvelous and so pretty
Phew your so hot
She definately touches all the right bottons.
I am very disappointed with the content of this film. The photo session with the red calippo is the one we wanted to see not this soft version! That is the best photo series on the site!!!
Mirta Defines Desire
I must agree with "btrhea" below. Taken with two video cameras and edited with closeups would have been a great improvement. Mirta's expressions and eye contact beg for close ups to capture her majic and her roaming hands beg the lense to follow her fingertips. She is naturally arousing to the viewer through her own arousal. She controls the scene, the viewer and as such her actions demand she controls the camera.
Stock Market Newsbreak
Wall Street, NY. Stock prices of german icecream manufacturer Langnese tripled their value when the company announced surprizing record sales of its product "Calippo", mainly to male adult customers. Indiders claim that the phenomenon is related to an "extremely hot and sensual video" at the award-winning nude site Hegre.com. "After viewing this film, eating a Calippo will never again be the same", says a member of Hegre.com. German icecream competitor Nestlé-Schöller now demands an equally hot film with Hegre-model Marketa eating their icecream product "Brausespaß".
This video is very hot, and Mirta is incredibly sexy, but I can't help thinking this could have been so much more. The lack of any kind of active camera work really hurts the overall product, in my opinion. The camera work seems like a first take with no editing whatsoever. There should be many more close-ups of her wonderful body. Anyway like I said, it's great, but I think it could have been alot better. I'd still give it an 8.5 because of Mirta's natural hotness, but after viewing the accompanying photo series, the film was a bit of a letdown.
sizzling mirta
mirta takes my breath away,wow! what a woman.