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Strisha - Table Dance

December 13, 2005
Feel the Music

Strisha is a girl with a secret. When she is home alone with a record on and no one is looking she likes to close her eyes and let the music take control of her body.

Fortunately for us, Strisha decided to share this little secret with Petter Hegre who promptly convinced her to perform her sensual dance on film only this time with a twist; naturally she had to do it naked.

Turning red with embarrassment for only a moment, Strisha let out a little giggle and the rest is history.

  • Runtime: 2:41 Minutes
  • Format:
    • SD 480p (12 MB)
    • SD 360p (6.8 MB)
    • SD 240p (4.2 MB)

Members' Comments

Very, very impressive.
She┬┤s moving in a very sexy natural way. Thanks Nina.
Exceptional film!
This model and this film is one of my favorites! Very sexy and very hot! Thanks!
Nina... she leaves me absolutely stunned. Terrific! Ukrainian girls are very pretty... I want to move to Ukraine!!!
I love this girl, she's gorgeous !
i love the girl
she surely is a stunning little baby, i love her dance and flirting eyes..more nina vids plzzzzzzzzzz
You have a good eye Mark!
I didnt notice it until I read that! Doesnt bother me though! HOT STUFF!!!
A nice looking girl, but why does she appear to have a tampon in for the shoot? See 1:36 & 1:39 in the film and a couple of the stills... Does that turn anyone else off... or am I just a wimp who do not repsect the female cycles... ;-)