Yanna ballerine

August 23, 2005
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Gracieuse à souhait

Peu seront les personnes à la hauteur de la classe et de la grâce de Yana lorsqu’il s’agit de danser.

Lorsque la musique bat son plein, elle se déplace en suivant le rythme délicat telle de l’eau coulant de source et suivant son cours dans une rivière de montagne ; gracieuse, détendue, et magnifique. Petter Hegre en est bel et bien conscient contrairement à d’autres et a filmé ce portrait inédit d’une danseuse nommée Yana venue lui rendre visite au studio.

Réjouissez-vous en regardant cette beauté à part au corps nu dans une production et une chorégraphie qui vous donneront certainement envie d’en voir plus.

  • Durée d'exécution : 1:50 Minutes
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Commentaires des Membres

YANNA speaks to me in a way that few other models highlighted here do, though they are beautiful in their own way. The more I see YANNA's photos and view both her vids, the more I find myself smitten with her. Her grace, deft moves as a dancer, and her eyes and smile never fail to lighten my spirit. PLEASE FEATURE MORE OF YANNA!!!!! And YANNA, if you read this, know that there is at least one single man (1.83m tall, 80 kilos; a one-time student of Economics) in Washington DC who adores and reveres you to the highest. BEIJOS!
Couldn't beBetter!
I love when Yanna stars in the films around here. She's a natural and a true star. Why she isn't in major films I will never know.
Yanna is amazing
she is the hottest female on this site next to Luba my love
Actually, I haven't seen a film yet.
BUT!.....I think this chick is one of the absolute hottest females that I have seen in a very long time. Hell, when I saw her first, I kicked my wife out of the house!! OK, what really happened was ....she found me staring at the full-screen version, and decided to leave.....at 3:00 in the morning. But u know what? I still got my puter and I'm here 2 stay!!!!! Keep up the good work!
An Angel
Yanna is definately the most natural, acrobatic and appealing model on your site. She has a great athlectic body, a natural charm and angelic qualities. So why only 3 stars? The video certainly doesnt do her justice and whilst Ive been mesmerised by sone of the picutres over the week, Peter, put together a video that really lets this angel shine.
Yanna is wonderful, but...
"Pete" is right--this video just doesn't do her justice. I'll admit I wished she'd just done it without the tutu :) ...but at least, if she had slipped it off at the end, it would have been hella sexy. The other Yanna videos on this site are much better, and a lot sexier, guys! :):)