Shako Paris By Night

September 3, 2013
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Steamy & Seductive

The sexiest invitation of your life.

Imagine you’re sitting in a quiet Parisian style café, sipping an espresso. A man plays the accordion, while a women softly sings.

A door you didn’t notice at the rear of the café creeps open. A women stands in the doorway, dressed in nothing but stockings and suspender belt. This temptress beckons for you to follow her up a hidden staircase. You look about the café to see if the other patrons have noticed, but everyone continues their conversations.

Will you walk through the door?

  • 時間: 10:10分
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If only.......sigh
Shako dream
I don' know why. Why I love so much this film. See you again ...
Shako Paris ...
The colour of your eyes, your glance, your face, ... are amazing. 18/20 ! Thanks a lot.
Great video...really nice high class nude vid.
Wow, just incredibly erotic with those slow motions, beautiful underwear... great woman, great cameraman! Wanna see more of those!!
model and cameraman
My comment would the same as Sandy's from UK.
No one does erotica & art like Hegre
Totally sexy
Steamy and Seductive indeed
This film put me in a trance. Shako is a joy to watch. i want to see many more films of her. Love her beautiful smile.
Movie of an extremely beautiful girl spoilt by endless cutting of scene which made me dizzy. What happened to continuity and scene fading as with previous posts? Lost it's erotic effect by stopping just as it was looking to get interesting for me, and where did the American flag bikini come from in the middle? Not up to usual Hegre quality I'm afraid
User-default-avatar's official. Shako has been augmented. I thought you said you weren't going to use girls with implants anymore, Petter? I guess it is getting more and more difficult to find natural girls, sadly. anyway...that aside, awesome video! love the slow-mo and the extreme close-ups!