Serena L Vagina Monologue

July 24, 2018
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Putting words to woman’s secrets…

Woman is truly a mysterious thing. She is a mystical cave, a divine waterfall, an esoteric maze of meanings and wonders. And when she reaches for the heights of pleasure, it can seem like the universe is coming to life.

But if you are not a woman, it can all seem kind of impossible to understand. Well, that’s why we have Serena. In this video – which is part education and part erotica – you get to listen as she describes in rich detail the experience of giving herself an orgasm.

Describing what she’s feeling during climax, she says, “When that happens it’s like all of the sensation and feeling physically gets like a rocket shot straight up to my heart and…it’s like an explosion.” And that’s just the beginning. Listen to Serena. She speaks pure poetry. The poetry of female bliss.

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Comentarios de los Miembros

Is there a man anywhere who wouldn't wish to experience, or be able to "deliver" a fraction of the ecstasy we see here? I don't think it's frivolously to use the word goddess to describe Serena - one only need to review her numerous contributions to appreciate that.
Monologos de la vagina( como la Obra de teatro tan exitosa)
Serena L nunca deja de asombrarme, es increíble como puede explicar lo que va sintiendo mientras se al mismo tiempo puede concentrarse en darse placer masturbatorío. Una verdadera genia...
very beautiful and so honest
i like the idea that it's not always thinking about being with another person. i have trouble coming unless i imagine a lover, real or make believe, but i will try to enjoy without that and see if i can do it. serena you are an inspiration and an incredible woman. peace out, alice.
Wow. This is what makes hegre special. Where else could you find something like this? Serena is so honest and outgoing about her sexuality, even to the point where she admits to being a bit nervous. I loved it, and in addition to becoming aroused myself, it was definitely a learning experience for me. I also couldn't help remembering how she accepted all of Alex's penis in the video a couple of years ago in the context of this film. She is an amazing woman; unfortunately I've never been blessed with one so outgoing and comfortable with her own sexuality. sigh.
She's also very genuine, something you will not see anywhere else.
Lovely! thank you for sharing, ma'am!