April 19, 2016
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Doigter de rêve.

Ce n'est pas spectaculaire, mais vous allez adorer…

Tenez-vous prêt pour de la pure stimulation. Ce n'est pas du plaisir pour la caméra. Il n'y a rien de truqué ici. Ce n'est pas un jeu des doigts juste pour vous allumer. Elle veut juste venir. Et il se trouve que vous êtes là à regarder.

Ce que vous êtes sur le point de regarder est spécial. Il n'y aura rien d'une super production à vous couper le souffle. Vous ne parlerez pas de film pendant dans années. Mais une chose est sûre, vos yeux vont se réjouir.

Pourquoi ? Parce que c'est comme si vous regardiez la nana chaude que vous croisez souvent et qui vous fait envie. Que voulez-vous de plus ?

  • Durée d'exécution : 8:36 Minutes
  • Format :
    • Full HD 1080p (166 Mo)
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Commentaires des Membres

Beautiful body
self stimulation
Loved watching the beautiful Sally, the filming was great.
Just my perfect dream girl, would marry her on the spot
Sally Self Stimulation
What a lovely woman - please more of here!
Lovely face. That's number one of course. It doesn't take much of a genius to notice how wonderful all of her body is. I do have a preference for pussies like Sally's, ones that are out there and don't hide when the woman is standing facing you. I like to think they are more eager to grab onto something and hug it. Sound weird? What part of sex isn't a little weird?
Thank you Sally for allowing us to take part in such a beautiful and intimate act. You're gorgeous and for you to share that with us is special.
Orgasm ?
Sally has a beautiful body! I enjoyed the closeups of that luscious splayed pussy and that perfect, tight little anus. Her "stimulation" bordered on erotic, but the lack of urgency toward her climax and the total lack of orgasm made this film a disappointment. We want to see her cum, close up, with anal and PC muscle contractions!
No moisture, no cream?
Very stimulating, but not long enough. I want more.
sally self stimulation
stunning girl. love to see more of her.
Nice, but...
Amazing as always, but the music is to loud.
She looked very uncomfortable the whole time. I found it very non-stimulating. She seemed reluctant to touch herself and when she did it looked very strained and forced. Not a fan of this one.
RE: Why?
I agree. She looked like she was in pain half the time. Also, I found the music distracting. Music is NOT necessary; the only audio sound track I want is Sally's cries, moans and her lovely slurping sounds (which we didn't hear, because of the stupid music).