Rosie super modelo

February 3, 2015
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Tienes que estar ahí cuando ella salga de la ducha.

Quizás hayas visto antes a nuestra sexi chica de portada. Tal vez la hayas visto en la portada de una gran revista, o en su primer sesión fotográfica de Pero una cosa es segura; nunca la has visto así antes.

Rosie fue cortada con otra tijera - material genuino de super modelo. En este corto verás por que. Comenzarás con una vista privada de ella en la ducha.

Si esto solo no es suficiente para convencerte de ver esta película, nada lo es.

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Comentarios de los Miembros

Total nonsense
Wow! What a face! What a butt! What a body! She is pure lust.
Rosie Super Model
Lovely Rosie shows off her incredible figure in the shower and out of it.
More Please!
Please Rosie we love you and want to see more videos!
Raspberry or Rose Bush
Well, Doc, some of us prefer that the delicate aesthetic beauties of female genitalia are NOT obscured or concealed by enveloping veils or curtains of hair.
Excellent for voyeurs
This is a video which will mainly appeal to voyeurs: the idea of watching a beautiful naked woman showering and then preparing to dress without actually getting round to putting her knickers on, is an excellent one; for others however her body will probably not seem sufficiently dislayed in intimate detail. As usual, of course, excellent photography.
What fabulous nipples!! But no bush....(raspberry!)
Rosie, Supermodel Elite
You are right in saying that I've never seen Rosie like this before, but I certainly want to see MORE of her, in/out of the shower, and any other way. She is not only beautiful, but super sexy, and it's easy to see that she enjoys what she is doing. Her naked moves are so graceful... she is a huge turn-on. She sets the bar high as a top notch nude model.
Beautiful girl that gives me a raging hard-on!
RE: Gorgeous
You are right, she is beautiful, other girls here at Hegre are beautiful too, but ROSIE , ROSIE ROSIE ROSIE !!!! she is the sexiest woman I have seen in ages !!!!She is burning, melting hot !!!!