Rose Séance Photo

September 16, 2014
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Physique parfait

Elle est sculptée dans le granite.

Vous avez déjà vu des silhouettes de patineuses, mais jamais comme celle-ci ! Vous les avez vues tournoyer dans les aires comme des ballerines et glisser sans effort sur la glace, mais elles n'étaient pas nues.

Dans cette séance photos intimistes avec Rose, une patineuse professionnelle, vous allez voir le corps humain dans une condition physique optimale.

Avec zéro graisse et un corps incroyablement ferme, elle est la définition exacte d'une athlète chaude.

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Commentaires des Membres

Rose photo session
Inoubliable. Unforgettable.
tats for girls
Just so the girls out there know, if Rose had more tattoos than this, she wouldn't have made the cut. So please dont cover yourself in tats thinking it's a plus. What got Rose here is a body and face that is WAY hot.
Normally I don't like videos of photo sessions, but with Rose I'll take whatever I can get.
Rose Photo Session
The tats didn't bother me after the first minute. I was mesmerized by her lean muscular body and athletic moves. I bet she lifts weights and does lots of cardio and along with a low fat diet. Most women think that lifting weights ( or working out on resistance machines) will add bulk like a female bodybuilder. It won't unless you use steroids like many of them do. What it will do is add definition and shape that cardio alone can't achieve and muscle is where fat goes to be burned. Excellent production. Nice classical music and outstanding artistic display of the female figure. Videos like this is why I recently subscribes to Hegre.
Hot Tat, Hot Girl
I personally think the tats look amazing on her. It's called freedom of expression. Some people just look for the negative in anything lol. What's next? Complaining about a hot girls birth mark?You people are insane she is hot.
You're right. Why take a perfectly beautiful body and smear it with a marks a lot type scribbling that is distracting from the natural beauty of such an erotic body?
Those tatts are unfortunate
impressive moves, I must say!
Absolutely no erotism, yet it's really fascinating to watch soneone with this amount of control over her jumps. Plus, her body is perfect. While I'm also here for the erotism, it's clearly very cool to have a model who has very good control over her body (ballet dancer, figure skater, rhythmic gymnastics) and it's also quite nice to have models with athletic bodies (even though thin or normal bodies are great, too). If you want to do sports-y videos specifically, it would be nice to have the full circle from warming up to sporting around to a state of relaxed exertion
She is very pulchritudinous and sexy. I would love to meet her.
true beauty, I watched this while listing to Bruno Mars- Locked out of Heaven….
Yes, she may have a toned and athletic body but this movie is, imho, almost devoid of eroticism.
Rose photo
Congratulations; I adore.
im new
This is very sexy :D
Rose - perfect!
Ah, Rose. So beautiful in every way, so captivating. Her smile, her perfect skin, her agility and muscle tone, her perfect breasts, her tight stomach (and beautiful navel), her perfect pussy, her legs ... just everything is so right. Thank you Rose, for sharing your beauty with us (you help make an older guy feel young again), and thank you Petter for capturing her beauty. And finally, thank you also for the accompanying piano music by Chopin and Satie - a very classy touch that perfectly fits Rose. I very much look forward to seeing more of her ... hopefully soon.
Rose is my new favorite. I can't tell you how wet I am for this girl. Everything about her is perfect. The muscles in her back and shoulders......her beautifully slippery rock hard belly..... and the sexiest belly button..... She is a dream and I can't print what I'd like to do with her. Thank you so much for this video. I hope this is the first of many. please, please get her on that massage table and make her come until it
Beautiful! She is a daring girl showing us her gaping pussy when she in the first part spreads her legs, and in the second part she makes some very fine jumping where her not too big but perky breasts are allowed to show what gravity does to a woman's delicious attributes. Thak you Petter - and thank you Rose!
Sleek, serpentine, and DELICIOUSLY SEXY, ROSE knows how to tease and beguile with her eyes, smile, and tightly toned, oiled-down body. By turns, she is e a bronze statue made flesh and an animal on the prowl. WHAT IS THERE NOT TO LIKE? Ohhhh ROSE! Sigh! Sublimely nude, exciting maddening desire and primal urges in man and woman alike.
What a superb body!. Both beautiful, sensual and athletic. And what a pleasure to see her unselfconsciously enjoying the shoot.