Rose Form und Figur

February 17, 2015
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Wie ein lebendes Kunstwerk.

Sie stehen im Begriff die perfekte Vereinigung von Kunst und Erotik zu sehen. In diesem atemberaubenden Kurzfilm betätigt sich ihres Körpers in der reinsten Ausdrucksform. Sie ist Künstler und Subjet zugleich.

Wie bei einer Primaballerina ist Roses beeindruckender Körper pure Eleganz und Anmut. Sie werde eine menschliche Skulptur sehen, die sich vor Ihren Augen verwandelt.

Lassen Sie sich ins Staunen versetzen durch dieses lebende und atmende Kunstwerk.

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Magnificent woman. Outstanding film.
Her firm breasts bounce beautifully when she dances
Had me in a kinetic trance
amazing . . . . exquisite . . . .
love the outfit
that's what I call socks appeal
very sexy very cool very best
Rose Form and Figure
Beatiful movie with a beatiful girl. It is done very sublime.
Fantastic. One of the best high quality performances on the site. Congrats to Rose and Petter. A perfect combination of pure female form, art and eroticism. Just brilliant
Rose Form and Figure
Amazingly beautiful! Rose's body, the music, and the compositional quality of the visual experience come together in an extraordinary blend of fine art and sensuality. Bravo Petter!
J'ai adoré. Je suis très reconnaissant à Rose et Peter. Amazing film. Excellence in nudes : I agree. Completely.
Extremely elegant and beautiful.
You have captured the human figure at it's best; again. Amazing flexibility, Incredible poise and alluring gestures. Thank you
Extraordinarily Beautiful
Had me spellbound throughout.
Quite lovely
Wonderful musculature. Thank you.
Beautiful. Well done.
Excellent work. Congratulations both to Peter and to Rose :-) That is a teamwork of two artists creating a supreme piece of experience. What I especially like is the game of light and shadow, what is best experienced when body is rotating. Thank you both and keep the excellent work! :-)
save this one
So I assume that Petter said to himself, "hey Rose is so special that I've got to make my best video here." And that's what he did. This may be one of the very best of the century. Who knows for how many years it will be viewed....why would anyone ever delete it? Ever. I mean even if you just wanted a lesson on how to do lighting on the human form, this would be a perfect choice. I can't forget to mention that I love that Rose's sexuality isn't veiled. But of course the best part of this is her eyes.
well, I must say that was lovely! definitely one of the more artistic efforts on here, of late!
Nice work - so sexy Rose
Unreal video - one of the best !Nice artistic work with views from all angles and great lighting. Would like to see a similar video with another one of my favorite sexiest girls Rosie, Simone, Patti. Well done !
Rose - Form and Figure
A perfectly delightful sequence of aesthetically sensual movement. Almost a poem in motion.
Rose Form And Figure
Perfection!!! more of this PLEASE!the lighting is perfect.The way the shadows roll across the form as she dances. Rose is a perfect blend of beauty ,power and grace. You should shoot Flora this way...
A realy perfect body! Beautiful!!!
Rose form and Figure
Loved the close up filming of Rose. Almost stills but so much more to them because of the movement. Very clever. Rose is lovely. Now if you can just get some other models, such as Victoria!!, to do the same. PS Victoria should wax and not shave. Come on Victoria!