Olivia Double Orgasm

August 30, 2016
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Personal Pleasure

From dream girl to hot reality.

Sexual desire can be fickle. Sometimes a sexual thought pops into your head and it doesn’t have much effect; you just get on with your day. But other times, that same sexual thought can quickly build momentum and become a full-blown desire to orgasm.

As Olivia wakes from a hot dream, she feels that urge. Naked and alone, it’s not long before her hand starts to explore and tease her own body. As you come to expect from Hegre.com, there is no acting here, no coming for the camera.

This is simply an intimate and authentic act of self love, that you happen to be watching…

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Abs and orgasm
I just love the way her abs respond to her orgasm special,
Nice to see she enjoyed it, as I did!
so free and open with self love.. lets see more of her
So natural and unrefined... I love it.
Olivias scar
I must protest! Why is their scar retouched in the pictures? There is nothing which makes them ugly! She is beautiful, even with the scar!
Like sneaking into her bedroom
This feels less polished from a production point of view, but more real because of it. Kinda like you're getting a sneaky peek into her bedroom. I enjoyed this one!
I volunteer to be Olivia, personal vibrator using only my tounge
Nice, VERY nice mouth watering
quietest orgasm known to man! Olivia is lovely!