Guide urbain du nu NYC

June 9, 2015
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Poitrines libres

Vous n'avez jamais vu ça auparavant

Le Guide urbain du nu est un tout nouveau concept. Nous allons vous donner un aperçu des villes du monde comme vous ne les avez jamais vues – en débutant avec la Grosse Pomme. Vous avez entendu parler de Libérer la poitrine. Eh bien il ne s'agit pas seulement de libérer les poitrines ; c'est leur donner un passeport et les emmener pour un long weekend à New York City.

Emily vous fera faire un tout soutenu de la ville qui ne dort jamais. Nous allons faire danser vos globes oculaires de joie. Regardez et vous serez accro. Ne regardez pas et vous perdrez un moment unique en son genre.

C'est de l'érotisme de rue et c'est quelque chose que vous n'avez jamais vu avant.

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Commentaires des Membres

The best I've ever seen!
it went viral because it's EMILY!!! <3
The Emily NYConnection
Est@ Es La Más Auténtica/Verdadera Guía de NYC... ¡y Para Todo El Mundo! ¡Emily's Al Placer...! Dios L@s Bendiga, Don Pedro Hegre & Co.
Emily Neeples Nude at NYC
Beautiful Nipples
So women want to walk arround topless and not beeing stared at? They don't want us to look at their tits? They want their tits beeing declared as "non sexual" thing? Or what's the point of this "free the nipple"-campaign? On one side women buy sexy bras and lingerie, do everything to present their tits, get implants to enlarge them, want us so love their boobies. On the other side they want to walk arround naked and feel harrasted, when a man stares at their boobs. Boobs are sexual charaktistika, so men feel attraktet by them. You just cannot expect men to ignore that instinct. So this whole campaign is one feministic nonsense.
Yes she has the most perfect breasts.
Lot of fun!
I loved this completely. Emily is effervescent and pulled it off perfectly.
Free nipples power
Emily in NYC
Of course, Emily is lovely and has gorgeous breasts. But not having been a tourist before in NYC or Paris, I've very much enjoyed Petter's films that also give a flavor of those cities.
Tipycal Big Apple No reaction. Emily beautiful and should have more darexhi shows.
Emily's great in public
Love these nudity in public movies.
Free for life
release your body into natural,hope see you in Barcelona.
Great, but can be much better...
Excellent idea, and Emily - Bravo - is completely wonderful. As said by others, video needs to be longer, and most of all - stop the frantic cutting and editing please!!! We don't need that to tell us about NYC's busy life - we already know that.
Mind-Blowingly Erotic? Could be Longer... Look forward to Extended Cut!
Thank you Emily and Hegre! Just joined because of this video! A bit surprised not everyone as amazed as I am: True, legal to do this in NYC, but most tourists (& likely many residents) of this area wouldn't know that! And in any case, this would still take enormous courage for anyone! I like the concept (quick cuts, jazz music) & execution of this, but agree would be WONDERFUL to have extended version lingering a bit longer here and there (likely still more erotic!) But this is still great. And the running at the end was perfect! Great job Emily! Looks like she was having fun, maybe the best part.
Next New City Guide: Emilie in Moscow.!..??? "sur la Place Rouge" like Nathalie in 1969
La place Rouge était vide Devant moi marchait "Emilie" Il avait un joli nom, mon guide "Emilie" Gilbert BECAUD
I feel I must echo the others. I agree with the cause. but the constant cuts are annoying! give my eyes time to focus, please! I believe the point was made much better in your "day in the life of a naturist, back in the day. please do this again, with scenes long enough for my eyes to see what they're seeing!
Emily in NYC
I am rather surprised that none of's subscribers based in USA mentioned that it is legal for women to be bare-breasted in public anywhere within New York City. Did they not know this?. Whether they did or not, it rather suggests that Emily's promenade through the city was less risky than it appeared and more of a publicity stunt for than a valid demonstration in favour of the 'Free the Nipple' campaign. None of this detracts from the beauty of the model, but perhaps the situation could have been clarified.
Nice try . . . fail
Somehow, I missed this video. It's great that the team is trying different things. Unfortunately, for me, this didn't work. I guess no-one hits the bulls eye every time. But I'm pleased you're trying different things, don't ever stop trying.
Not up to standard
So 'nude' means fully dressed with a crop-top pulled up above the breast now does it? As for the style of the shoot - terrible! Like a averagely talented art-college student trying to shock because they have nothing meaningful to say. Please pay more attention to women being slowly and lovingly massaged to orgasm, shot with gorgeous lighting and artful cinematography. That's why I pay my fee. That's what you're uniquely good at. Between 'straight' massages that appear to produce negligible arousal in the recipient and films focussed on the penis I feel I get less and less of what I like.
constant clipping
Believe it, Hegre, some of us have an attention span of longer that half a second - the frantic, and frankly stupid constant cutting is "art" for beginners, but surely you are past that by now?
RE: constant clipping
I totally agree. But constant clipping is an easy way to distract from the blandness of the film...;)
Something new , very creative
this video is an interesting mix between a hot and sweet model Emily + unique city New York that exists nowhere else + interesting back ground music ( Modern Jazz) which fits with the busy life of New York. Well done ! More video like this please.
please more of emily in public
NYC free the nipple
Bravo Emily, you are very brave ! Walking in the big Apple like you did is really a performance, and I believe it was a strong experience for all the team !?
NYC Nude ashoot
OK, so not actually nude, then. How did you all avoid arrest?
Emily is wonderful, but the video didn't live up to the hype
There was a huge buildup to this video, it's own page on the website, several emails to former members (such as me) to entice us back (which worked), and then the release. Fantastic material of a wonderful girl having a great time. But only a 6 min video? 5 when you take away the titles? It's way to short for a "documentary" that it was billed as. I presume that there is a lot more footage that was shot during their trip - and I hope that this will be just part one of a series of her New York visit, in which case, I'm sure it'd be awesome; otherwise, it just seems to be a wasted opportunity.
mhm ...
I prefer the hegre-body-work movies
Emily, The next time you're going to spend some time in the city please let me know! It only takes me about half an hour to get into Manhattan on the E Train :-)
Emily in the big apple
Nice New York view which give us the hope to visit all the most famous world city
Free the Nipple
This film is really fun to watch while giving more publicity to a serious message. Hegre to support "Free the Nipple" is a great move and this is the right way. Provoke, have fun, spread the message, make people think afterwards. So, doing it this way, especially with my superstar Emily, just made my day. I love how much she enjoyed it.
NYC Nude City Guide is one of the most boring things on the website. If that is our update for the day, then I'm disappointed.
Not what I expected
The film was enjoyable enough, Emily of course looks wonderful, and some of the reactions are great. However, with all the claims of being a documentary and all the marketing blitz (a web page of its own, several emails that even went to non-members, etc) I have to admit I was expecting something more than a 6 min video (especilly considering that the opening minute is just credits). As such, it's really one of the shorter vids on the site, and I'm sure there is lots of great footage that never made the cut. Hopefully, this will be the first of a series of vids from that trip, otherwise the effort of going to New York really wasn't worth it. Please post more of the trip so we can get a better view of the events there. Thanks
Freed Nipples
I don't know what to make of this. I approve of the Free the Nipple principle and campaigns in its favour, but this film consisted mainly of provocative bare-breasted posing that - despite Americans' notorious public prudery relative to their uninhibited internet proclivities - scarcely provoked anyone to do anything other than smile. Perhaps future films in this series will be more conceptually imaginative.